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Dangerous backpacks?

I bike most places, and almost always wear my backpack because it has everything I might need. I decided to take in a movie at the Duluth 10 theater, and biked down as usual. Also as usual I locked my bike to the only thing within two blocks of the theater that you can lock a bike to, which is the H.C. parking sign post. I proceeded in to pay for my ticket and was informed that I couldn’t take my backpack in. That is where my beef begins.

Twelve Years a Slave

Does anybody else think that the local Marcus Theater movie selection blows?

I was really hoping to see Twelve Years a Slave on the big screen, and I was waiting patiently. Apparently it isn’t going to be shown in Duluth/Hermantown because we need Thor to be shown on seven screens instead, and because Jackass Grandpa needs to run for a month.

Did I just totally miss it or something? I at least hoped Zinema 2 would pick it up, but I haven’t seen it there either.

Looking for help mixing a CD

I know there are a lot of music recording folks out there in the PDD community, so I am posting this plea for help.

I participate in a number of drum circles with a dear friend. I had discussed making a CD of some of our sessions for her to send to her sister. My friend has fallen ill, so now time seems to be of the essence.

Duluth-area car clubs and/or meets

I would like to make some connections with local classic car folks here in Duluth/Superior, but there is a distinct lack of information about any groups on the web (probably because car guys aren’t often computer guys too). I am looking for general interest meets or clubs, as opposed to a specific make clubs or, for instance, street-rod-only clubs.

For the love of music

I understand the novelty of closing a street and having live music. I applaud the city and the organizers for putting such shindigs together. However, I think that the person who decided that it is a good idea to close Superior Street downtown and in front of Fitger’s, at the same time, on a weekday, during rush hour, is a complete idiot and should be fired.

This isn’t the first time they have done that, but apparently “the decider” comes nowhere near the area during the closures, or he/she would see the traffic chaos and downright anger created by doing so.

Am I completely wrong on this, or do most people think it is acceptable to gridlock a major traffic flow for the sake of novelty? I know I could “lighten up,” and I would if I knew it was an oversight or mistake by the organizer, but really? Did ya’ not think of that?

Open Drum Circle in Duluth

When: Friday, May 6, 7-9pm.

What: An open drum circle for hand drums and percussion instruments. Un-facilitated free drumming to suit the soul. A brief (2 minute) candle lighting ceremony is held at the beginning of the event.

Where: 835 W. College St. (The Unitarian Universalist Church between UMD and St. Scholastica).

Who: Open to all abilities and intents. Open to all ages (but children should be supervised).

Why: For fun and enjoyment. To feed the spirit. To release the angst. To share and learn.

 Cost: Free.

Honking tree to become a lighthouse.

So, the DNT announced today that the felled honking tree will be re-born as a lighthouse sculpture. Gee, I bet it will be WAY neater than all the other lighthouse yard-art, trinkets, resin statuettes, and other lighthouse crap that is peddled out of Two Harbors each year. Who was the bedazzeled, animal-print wearing greyhair that made that decision? I think I would rather see the great log burned in a bonfire.