Twelve Years a Slave

Does anybody else think that the local Marcus Theater movie selection blows?

I was really hoping to see Twelve Years a Slave on the big screen, and I was waiting patiently. Apparently it isn’t going to be shown in Duluth/Hermantown because we need Thor to be shown on seven screens instead, and because Jackass Grandpa needs to run for a month.

Did I just totally miss it or something? I at least hoped Zinema 2 would pick it up, but I haven’t seen it there either.


Nick L

about 10 years ago

Twelve Years a Slave is starting with limited release. I'm not sure why, just that it will eventually get to the Twin Ports.


about 10 years ago

When Marcus bought up all of the local movie theaters, there was some concern that the movie selection would be decreased. As I recall (and I could be wrong), Marcus reps addressed the concern saying that movie selection will increase, as they have more screens to show a larger selection of movies. However, in practice, it seems like all of the same movies are playing in all of the theaters. I would much rather have a wider selection of films, than an option to see a movie 5 minutes away, or 10 minutes away.

However, they should also stay out of Zinema's showings, as Zinema is awesome and I prefer seeing any movie I can there!


about 10 years ago

Nick, yeah I think the limited release started mid-October, and full release was two weeks ago. That's why I was wondering if we were going to see it at all.

BadCat, ditto on the wider selection comment. Also ditto on Zinema, when it isn't too full.


about 10 years ago

The difference between Zinema and Marcus is that Zinema approaches film selection as curation and Marcus approaches it purely from a profit motive. That said, Zinema still has to make money to function and the guarantee that the exhibitor must put up on a film can be crazy amounts of money.


about 10 years ago

I believe I saw a poster for Twelve Years a Slave in the Zinema lobby; might be playing there soonishly?


about 10 years ago

Yep, there is a poster; I think it's supposed to be here in a week or two. Hell, I think the poster has been up for at least a month now.


about 10 years ago

Looking at my Moviefone app, it shows up on Friday, Nov. 15 at the Duluth 10 theater. It has regular showings throughout the day and it looks like it'll be around for a while after that. Hope that helps!


about 10 years ago

It strangely doesn't show up at Zinema yet, and that is a theater that shows up on Moviefone.


about 10 years ago

It's not listed on the "coming soon" page of the Zinema web site, but it might not be coming there anytime soon...


about 10 years ago

Marcus can suck it!

Daniel Golden

about 10 years ago

Just to clear this up: The Marcus Duluth 10 will be playing 12 Years starting tomorrow. I asked on the Zinema Facebook page and got the answer.

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