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Where in Duluth? Anti-War Edition

R.I.P. Monty

Monty Lee Wilkes

Monty Lee Wilkes

We mourn the passing of Monty Lee Wilkes, local boy who made good.

Send in the Drones

Sitting up in Woodland going on 128 hours with no electricity. Where is the cool aerial drone footage of the damage at Hartley Park (or anywhere else, for that matter)?

Low’s “Things We Lost in the Fire” on film

2015-11-21 01.41.27

Just stumbled across this dark little film on Netflix and our pals Low provide some of the soundtrack.

Tim Kaiser Inferior Planets Double 7″ EP Crowdfunding

Tim Kaiser is releasing a Double seven-inch EP on vinyl this Spring and is doing an Indiegogo fundraiser. Why a double seven-inch and not a full-length LP? Because the music is done in such a way that you can play more than one of the four sides at the same time! Crazy! Big thank you to Lakefront Films for shooting the video.

Where in Duluth(ish)

Recent discussions made me think of this guy. I blurred out his sign to not make it too easy…

Tim Kaiser CD Release at Homegrown

Holy Water – Myths for Man is the latest release by Tim Kaiser. Having been out on tour, it was too late to get into the Field Guide, so here it is on PDD. Super limited edition in custom-made case. Available during Homegrown Friday, May 2, at Teatro. Enjoy in the privacy of your own home. We won’t tell.

List of Duluth-related album releases in 2014

R.I.P. Charlie Bell

bellEyewitness News: Duluth businessman Charlie Bell dies

Northland’s NewsCenter: Well-known Duluth business leader Charlie Bell dies

Duluth News Tribune: Duluth businessman, former mayoral candidate Charlie Bell dead at 64

Happy Xmas (War is Over)

On this chilly morn, the blue light of the moon reveals the carnage left on the battlefield of the War on Xmas. Last year’s Apple product, the old tube television, and mounds of torn wrapping paper clutter the otherwise barren landscape. Though the media pundit generals have refused to sign the Declaration of Armistice, the conflict is over. The body count was surprisingly low- a Christmas miracle, one might even say. According to official reports, there was only a single casualty. Ironically, it was a Salvation Army bell-ringer who was assaulted by a “true believer” who was so insulted by the charity worker’s exhortation of “Happy Holidays,” that they had no other choice but to punch them in the face. We can only pray that the Peace holds — and that cooler heads will prevail. In closing, let us wish a Happy Birthday to Albino Jesus.

Vote on same-sex marriage bill scheduled for Thursday

This is actually happening! Call or e-mail your representative now!

07A Huntley, Thomas (DFL) 651-296-2228 [email protected]

03B Murphy, Mary (DFL) 651-296-2676 [email protected]

07B Simonson, Erik (DFL) 651-296-4246 [email protected]

Where in Duluth?

New Year Brunch

Most of you will probably be nursing a hangover, but my favorite way to celebrate the New Year is with food. Does anyone know of an actual brunch being put on anywhere? It’s easy when it lands on a Sunday, but this year is on a Tuesday.

Where in Duluth (easy edition)

Murder of Crows — “The Score”

A Little Help from my Friends

I recently got hosed big time by Go Daddy. My domain was up for renewal and instead of notifying me, they sold it. Now I have a new domain, but I lost my search engine standing (my old site was numbers 1,2 and 3 for a Google search of my name). Anyway, if you have a minute, give my new site a click and help a guy out. Thanks.


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