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Tim Kaiser Inferior Planets Double 7″ EP Crowdfunding

Tim Kaiser is releasing a Double seven-inch EP on vinyl this Spring and is doing an Indiegogo fundraiser. Why a double seven-inch and not a full-length LP? Because the music is done in such a way that you can play more than one of the four sides at the same time! Crazy! Big thank you to Lakefront Films for shooting the video.

Red Mountain — “Put Me Through”

Here’s the new video featuring Duluth band Red Mountain. The group’s album Scowl Lightly, will be released by Chaperone Records on Dec. 6.

The dancers are Erin Tope, Maeggie Licht and Grace Holden. The video was produced by Lakefront Films.

This just in: Red Mountain and Christine Hoberg are into teasing

Above: Teaser for the upcoming Red Mountain album Scowl Lightly.

Below: Teaser for the upcoming Christine Hoberg album World Within.

Both videos are from Duluth-based Lakefront Films.