Tim Kaiser Inferior Planets Double 7″ EP Crowdfunding

Tim Kaiser is releasing a Double seven-inch EP on vinyl this Spring and is doing an Indiegogo fundraiser. Why a double seven-inch and not a full-length LP? Because the music is done in such a way that you can play more than one of the four sides at the same time! Crazy! Big thank you to Lakefront Films for shooting the video.



about 9 years ago

Nice work Tim. Tinkering looks fun. Nothing is more esthetic than a wooden box with crazy electronics and colored glass indicators.  I'll be sure to pick up a copy. Reminds me of when I was about five, I got a  raygun that had a dial on the side which turned to eleven different sounds or lazer blasts.  That thing didn't stick around very long but had a very convincing perfect array of sounds whereby you were able to melt the lizard man in seconds.  I wonder what model it was, kind of white and battlestar gallacticaesh features.

 Another time was when I was living in a small house in Ironwood by the cemetery on Hemlock St in 1999 for $250 a month working for Whitecap and Big Powderhorn. The owner of Whitecap was one crazy old bastard. But when I plugged in my guitar there one night and had a dremel on the same outlet I got the dremel RPMs to come through the guitar.  It was awesome. But I was never able to repeat those results, perhaps it was the old faulty wiring made it possible.   If you make a  dremel effects box we can use those proceeds to fund our sponsor a wild pony program for troubled youths and have races to the ocean.


about 9 years ago

Wow here it is! Quite a collectors item now too. This was the tool to get the job done. A deadly weapon in the hands of an expert. I remember it having way more than three sounds though.

Battlestar Galactica Lasermatic Pistol Rare Mattel 1978 Vintage Toy Clean


about 9 years ago

Some of my early projects were re-housing and circuit-bending Dollar Store ray guns. It was easy to add extra control parameters because of the large components and slightly over-sized circuit boards. All the crap out there now uses surface mount blobs instead of chips. You need a freakin' microscope to solder on them.....

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