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R.I.P. Monty

Monty Lee Wilkes

Monty Lee Wilkes

We mourn the passing of Monty Lee Wilkes, local boy who made good.

Audio Archive: The Replacements at Saints Roller Rink in 1982

This recording popped up in the comments to an old PDD post — “Treatment Bound” — but it seems as if it warrants its own post.

Treatment Bound

Is there a person frequenting PDD who actually saw the Replacements play Duluth ? I saw the Suburbs play here twice (1986 and 1987, I believe) But I, a very big ‘Mats fan from my Duluth high-school influences, never saw the band live. I’ve seen Paul in Minneapolis, but he has yet to play Duluth.

Why do I bring this up? Because Wilco, which has covered the Replacements “Color Me Impressed” numerous times since 1997, and cites the Replacements as an influence, are a Chicago band coming to Duluth for the third time.

So why the hell can we not book Paul Westerberg? And did the Replacements ever play Duluth?

We all can talk about supporting local talent and wanting great acts to play Duluth, but why the hell do we not get the Minneapolis acts that have gone national and are influences to the acts we do attract?

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