Audio Archive: The Replacements at Saints Roller Rink in 1982

This recording popped up in the comments to an old PDD post — “Treatment Bound” — but it seems as if it warrants its own post.



about 11 years ago

The Holy Grail of board recordings.


about 11 years ago

Blurry memories.


about 11 years ago

Guessing it was Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum, fka loud fast rules, that did the capture.  But Baci would have to confirm from his crippled synth archive.  Oh the days....


about 11 years ago

Alt says Monty Lee w/ Bergmaster giggles.  Those that didn't live the shows missed some legends.


about 11 years ago

Ridin' with Jesus. By the way, I blame this all on Stender.


about 11 years ago

Thnks fer tha post, Pawl. . . hear's won fer y'all who're at tha Rollr-rink show. . . do ya recollect the kolor or kind of bassGtr Tommy's playin that night? Jist kurious. . . I sold 'im a blak Ricky rite 'bout then.


about 10 years ago

Very cool! Missed it the first time around.


about 10 years ago

Wow, wow, wow. Totally, totally, totally cool. I love this band.

So where is/was this roller rink? I Googled it and could only find a Facebook entry, "might be a closed facility." Is it?  

On another note: was everyone who lived in Duluth then at this concert?  I ask because, when R.E.M. played at the Drumstick in Lincoln, Neb. in 1981, every teen resident in the state of Nebraska, apparently, was there. Except for me.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

Saints Roller Skating Center was at 2620 Miller Trunk Highway, according to my commemorative plastic cup.


Saints first shows up in the city directory in 1977, with Jerome Webber listed as manager. In 1987 the name changes to Ridgewood Roller Rink, with Laura Webber listed as manager. In 1990 the address changes to 4189 Haines Road, and then it disappears in 1992.


about 9 years ago

This wasn't in Duluth, so it doesn't really warrant a separate PDD post, but this week I came across a roll of negatives from a Replacements show at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Probably 1986. I shot these, but never bothered to print any of them.

More pictures here.


Bob on drums

Paul on drums


about 9 years ago

Nice pictures.  Funny to see Bob take over some of the bass and drum duties!

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