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DSSO’s Bright Approach: First Minnesota orchestra to use interest-based bargaining process

As a kid, I took it for granted that my tiny hometown high school had an orchestra program and lots of community support. So it is not hard to agree with Duluth Mayor Don Ness when he says that “the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra continues to brighten the arts landscape of the Twin Ports.” A healthy community orchestra is a great thing!

Set lists for Low @ Brewhouse

While I’d be very happy to get to the Brewhouse every Thursday for Low’s play-it-all sessions, I just can’t do it … but it would be great to know what they played so far. Any fans out there who happened to record the set list from 1.16.14? If you’d care to share it (maybe even each week?), I’d guess that there is more than one fan in PDD-Land who would appreciate your effort. Thanks!

Saving the Great North Woods

No doubt that many in the PDD audience have already read the “Saving the Great North Woods” cover story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. For those who have not, it is certainly worth a look.

Saving the Great North Woods

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