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And you thought apartments were expensive in Duluth …

Zygi buys new apartment in NY

Where in Duluth?

New Skyline Parkway signs

Dinosaur Bones – New Dance Piece


Choreography by Anna Galikowska-Gajewska PhD, Music Academy Gdansk, Poland. The music is Dinosaur Bones from my 2007 Innova release Analog.


In Need of Rakes (again)

It’s that time of year where I’m in need of your retired steel-tined leaf rake. It cannot be plastic or bamboo- it must be steel. I chop the tines off for thumb piano keys and I need a whole lot of them for a music program/workshop I’m doing later in the spring. If your rake is missing all but one of it’s tines, I’ll still take it. You can contact me through yelling loudly or the internet thingy.

Nuke Boy

Art Needs You!

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council is currently accepting applications from individuals wishing to serve on its Board of Directors.  There are currently openings for the following two Board positions:  an At-Large representative and a Student Ad-Hoc representative.

Carolyn Olson Exhibit @ Lizzard’s

Opening Reception
Thursday, Jan. 27, 6-8 pm
Lizzard’s Gallery, 11 W. Superior St., Duluth
Exhibit runs through Feb. 28.

Short Circuit at Teatro – Saturday

Duluth Short Circuit

An evening of experimental electronic music featuring Tim Kaiser, Low Gain and Talking Computron.  Ethereal sonic landscapes, 8-bit Game Boy mayhem and circuit-bent mash ups for all ages. Tell your nerdy neighbor!

R.I.P. Sleazy

Peter Christopherson

Peter Christopherson passed away peacefully in his sleep on the 24th November 2010 at his home in Bankok.

Franconia Sculpture Park Art and Artists Celebration 2010

Franconia Sculpture Park

art and artists fest

14th Annual Franconia Sculpture Park Art and Artists Celebration
Saturday · September 25th · 10:00am to 9:00pm · Rain or Shine

. . . is a day-long festival celebrating the artists, the new sculpture installations, and our amazing community. A full day’s entertainment with artist-led tours, live music, dance, poetry, kids’ activities, and great food.

This year’s Franconia Fellowship and Intern Artists will be exhibiting their new sculpture installations – some interactive, some climbable, most simply amazing. There will be artist-led tours of the exhibition for those who like to get the inside scoop on the artists and their work.

Franconia Web Site

Facebook Link

Tim Kaiser UMD Market in the Plaza Wednesday

UMD Market in the Plaza
Every Wednesday 1:30 – 4:30
UMD Kirby Plaza
1120 Kirby Drive

Experimental Music Fest and Workshop

Bent Fest

Who is interested in attending a short experimental music fest in Duluth? I’ve got interested performers and workshop presenters. I could probably wrangle some funding, too. I’m looking at some time in the fall for a Friday-Saturday kind of thing. Still need a venue, a couple of interested volunteers and a potential crowd of workshop participants and performance attendees. Express your desires here or contact me directly through my web site.

Wax Your Runners! Laskiainen!



Laskiainen Finnish Sliding Festival
Feb. 6 & 7 at Loon Lake Community Center in Palo, Minn.

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