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Fly High Duluth Flag

Duluth Flag Survey

Props to the person who answered “the phrase ‘fly high duluth'” on the city’s flag survey!

I’m also amused by “This town is dying. Thanks.” Savage, yet polite – quintessential Duluth!

The Dexter Project

Dexter Ojeda is a 10-year-old Duluth boy who has a rare form of cancer that has no cure. One of the last items on Dexter’s bucket list is to star in a horror movie. Duluth’s Death Calm Studios and Dexter Ojeda’s family are determined to make Dexter’s wish come true, but they need help make it happen.

The Dexter Project – Indiegogo Campaign for Movie

Angry people in local newspapers

We need to get in on this! Angry people in local newspapers blog (via Boing Boing)


(Upset community + Cinnamon Roll, courtesy of Banjo Tom)

Last One Leaving Duluth Billboard – Myth Confirmed!


This (in)famous billboard has been discussed many times, but it seemed there was never any conclusive evidence of it’s existence, until now.

Mayor Fedo was able to dig up a copy from his records, thus solving the mystery of the billboard that kicked Duluth while it was already down.

Upset (at the Mayor) in Duluth

Check out the image that accompanies this DNT article: Meeting with the Duluth mayor (link to full-size photo). Yikes! There’s not a whole lotta love in that room (especially from Ms. Tie-Dye)!

Heat Warning: Please do not leave your dogs in your car!

Yes, even though it’s Duluth, summer is way too hot to leave your dog inside a car, windows cracked or not! Yesterday, I encountered a women at Home Depot who was a few minutes from having her windows smashed to rescue her dog.

Even if you don’t have dogs (or are a responsible owner and already know that you shouldn’t leave your dog in the car), please be aware of other cars in parking lots. If you see a dog in distress, you can call the police/animal control, or contact the store to have the vehicle owner paged. Please do not assume the owner will be out in time – death can occur within minutes!

And true, the thoughtful dog owner may thank you for your concern for their animal by denying the danger of hot cars and flicking you off, but at least you may have helped the save the dog’s life by getting their ungrateful asshole owner called out of the store. 🙂

How Hot Does it Get in a Parked Car Dr Ernie Ward

Duluth vs. Minneapolis

Vote Duluth

Duluth is nearing the finals, and as of right now (9:25 a.m.), we’re leading against Minneapolis! Vote for us at

Minnesota Shoplifting Detain/Restrain Laws?

Does anyone know the laws regarding detaining/restraining suspected shoplifters? I walked out of the mall tonight and found three Younkers loss-prevention staff holding a woman face-down in the snow, with their knees on her back attempting to handcuff her while she was telling them she couldn’t breathe.

Another (Unexpected) Duluth-Related Kickstarter

For those of you who know your comic book writers, the name Alan Moore is usually found at the top of most peoples “favorites” list (maybe because he’s an incredible writer, or maybe because he’s a fucking wizard and people are scared of him).

Anyway, I was watching Alan Moore’s Kickstarter video for the “His Heavy Heart” project, and was completely surprised to hear the Duluth connection!

Skip ahead to 3:45 if you want to hear Alan Moore drop Alan Sparhawk’s name as a collaborator on the project!

Hell Yeah!!!

Fix One, Another Shows Up

At this point, we may need someone named “Martini” to open their own chain of bars in order to make this trend legit.

Sad Lost Kitty in Lincoln Park

I found this very sweet and very sad kitten outside of my house in Lincoln Park. Is she yours, or do you know who she belongs to?

The Kidnappers Foil: 1938 Duluth Footage

Starting in the 1930s, Melton Barker traveled across the United States filming The Kidnappers Foil for the next 40 years. No, he did not take this long to film one movie, instead he filmed the same movie in every town that he visited, perhaps hundreds of times. I’m not sure if this was part of a “home movie” business plan, or if he was ripping people off with promises of fame, but nonetheless, it’s now part of movie history.

In 1938, he stopped by Duluth to film, and though the main film is missing, there are two scenes featuring Duluthians. Maybe you have a famous grandparent and never knew it?

“Duluth is Horrible” Kickstarter

This February (maybe), filmmaker Vincent Gargiulo will be coming to Duluth to film a short movie titled Duluth is Horrible. Chip into the Kickstarter here, and/or follow the news on their blog.

Look for a guy with a goat skull on his head…

I found an interesting discussion about a possible video-game/real-life event happening over at /r/duluth/. Maybe we can help solve this mystery?

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