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WTF?!? (Puppy Edition)

A warning to all dog owners out there: some asshole is going around Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood poisoning dogs (DPD, DNT, Strib, Fox21, MPR). Unlike the dog-napper rumors, this appears to be real.

Watch your doggies, bring them to the vet if you notice symptoms, and keep an eye out for suspicious people giving your pets “treats.”

Come on already!

It’s been five years — what are you waiting for?!

The Current radio station should come to Duluth!

(If we can get the mayor to jump in the lake for Google, I’m sure we can get him to do something good for bringing awesome music to the northland!)*

* Note: This is not actually endorsed by Mayor Ness, please don’t hate me!

Nerd Gang!


U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says prisoners can no longer play Dungeons & Dragons in prison, because it “promotes gang-related activity.”

The only thing hazardous about D&D are possibly the 4-sided dice if you happen to step on them! I think activities like this are harmless, and could provide an alternative to prison gang culture (and it uses math!). Some of my coworkers think that if you’re in prison, you shouldn’t be allowed to game. I think everyone can agree that despite what Jack Chick tells you, D&D is not a gang. Thoughts?

No Can Haz Drunken La-z-boy

Only a few hours left in the infamous motorized La-z-boy auction, and it’s nowhere to be found on ebay! Anyone know what happened to it?

Oh well. If I can’t have an infamous motorized La-z-boy, I can at least bid on this.

Perfect Duluth Domestic Partnership

The city of Duluth opened Domestic Partnership registration yesterday (apparently nobody showed up). You can find info & forms here.

Kia Sucka-Palooza

I suspect there may be a resurgence of the “thumbs down” feature after this post, but I’m in a bind, and any car and/or relationship advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

I need to decide what to do with my currently inoperative car. Should I fix it and hope for a few more good years before driving it to it’s death? Or should I float it out on Lake Superior and set it alight, putting it out of it’s misery with a Viking funeral?*


* This is more of a metaphor really… I wouldn’t actually shove my car into Lake Superior, as it would be horribly toxic for our water source.

Monkey with a Tool Belt Day

cv_0822576317According to today’s Duluth Tribune, today is the second annual Monkey with a Tool Belt day (there was a first?).

Local author/artist/target of much local adoration Chris Monroe will be at Marshall Hardware today signing copies of her book. Apparently there will be hot dogs, root beer, and prizes. It’s unknown if any monkeys will be there.

Do You Remember O’Keefe?


According to this website, the Duluth Public Library had a library cat named “O’Keefe” from 1982 to 1996.

I moved here in 1994 and have never seen nor heard anything about O’Keefe. Any of you long-timers know more? Why don’t we have a current library cat? I’d love to peruse the sci-fi section and come across a napping tabby.

(This isn’t an actual photo of O’Keefe – I just thought it was a cute pic)

Library Cats Map

Free Comic Book Day 2009

fcbd_cymk_date1Saturday, May 2, is Free Comic Book Day!

Stop by these Duluth locations for free comics!

(218) 726-1360

(218) 720-4669

Get yer Geek On!

Geek Prom is only three days away!
Are you feeling appropriately geeky/nerdy/dorky?


  • 56 Geeks – how many flavors of geek are you?
  • Dork Yearbook – vintage geeky photos celebrating the truly dorky among us
  • The Geek Code – only those who know the secret can see how geeky you truly are
  • Geek Monthly – show your mailman just how nerdy you are ($6.00 off with code “2da3”)
  • Geek Test – do you even qualify to be a geek?
  • Nerd Merit Badges super nerdy badges to proudly display your geekiness
  • Pathetic Geek Stories – real life geek humiliation in comic form
  • Think Geek – where to spend all of your geeky dollars
  • xkcd – these stick figures know all about math and geeky subculture

Talk of the Nation

C-Freak – was that you on npr today, giving the bizness to Ms. Maggie homophobe? If it was, fucking right on!!!

I about threw my radio when she played her ad. “Gay marriage will take away rights from straight marriages!” WTF?!?!?

Best of luck to Marry Me Minnesota!

Happy Pi Day!


Today is Pi Day (3.14) – now recognized by the US government!

Party Like It’s 1234567890!

At 5:23:30 pm today (about 6 hours from now), the Unix time will be “1234567890” (Epoch Time). Geeky Sweet!

What the heck is Unix Time?
When can I raise a toast to the Unix clock?

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