WTF?!? (Puppy Edition)

A warning to all dog owners out there: some asshole is going around Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood poisoning dogs (DPD, DNT, Strib, Fox21, MPR). Unlike the dog-napper rumors, this appears to be real.

Watch your doggies, bring them to the vet if you notice symptoms, and keep an eye out for suspicious people giving your pets “treats.”


Rebecca Hartong

about 13 years ago

Yikes. We're just now having that problem where I live, too (in the state of Virginia). Must be the phase of the moon or something.


about 13 years ago

This is a sign of a psychopath.  I hope they can find this person ASAP.  I'm a dog lover and love my dog, but the next death could be a child.


about 13 years ago

How is the Google puppy!? Perhaps, this is an omen.


about 12 years ago

We think this Duluth dog poisoner has moved on to Colorado.  Our two dogs were just poisoned by a neighbor that just moved here from Minnesota.  The police have spent a lot of time interviewing neighbors of his from Minnesota because they think he has done this before.  We're going to nail this guy this time.  The feds are even involved now.  

Firestone Police Dept. on Facebook

Bad Cat!

about 12 years ago

Awesome! I hope they get the guy!


about 12 years ago

Not to sound naive, but:  just what kind of a twisted freak poisons dogs?!?!?!?!?  That's just so depressingly sick.

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