Party Like It’s 1234567890!

At 5:23:30 pm today (about 6 hours from now), the Unix time will be “1234567890” (Epoch Time). Geeky Sweet!

What the heck is Unix Time?
When can I raise a toast to the Unix clock?



about 15 years ago

I want to be the first to congratulate you.  so congrats


about 15 years ago

Yup that'll be the time, and here is where you heard it first on PDD, plus geeky conversation about code:

Bad Cat!

about 15 years ago

Crap! I forgot about the Tanger 57 post!
Well, in my defense, they did get the time wrong (UTC does not equal CST).


about 15 years ago

I was speaking about Uvula Time Code .. this is a quantum unix state in which one ululates in sync with our songs at Carmody tonight!


about 15 years ago

Actually it's 5:31:30, not 23:30

Bad Cat!

about 15 years ago

Man, I'm just screwing up left and right today! There goes my geek street cred.


about 15 years ago

Happy 1234567890!


about 15 years ago

My geeky English "house brother" also told me about the UNIX time thing. Although it's about midnight where he is so he probably had a better celebration than us Duluthians. 

In fact, he sent me a "countdown" link which played "Celebration" and lit-off cyberworks.


about 15 years ago

funny, i was thinking about the old sesame street counting clip featuring the pinball machine...


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