Dollhouse City Streets

This is the new Richardson brothers project, a Youtube channel devoted to the dollhouse city we built with our lifelong toy collection. The channel is just getting started but we’ve already got a ton of Dollhouse City content on Allen’s Instagram @blackobelisk. Here is how we describe it on Youtube:

There are a thousand stories in Dollhouse City, populated by action figures, Barbie dolls, plastic army men, Hot Wheels cars, and marble runs. A lab for exploring the physics of a multiversal toy war, we are your hosts Jim and Allen Richardson, brothers & lifelong toy collectors & we have my kid’s old toys too. Welcome and buckle up! All roads lead to the mean streets of Dollhouse City. Is it an obscure model of our city of Duluth, Minnesota, or an archetypal Interzone projected from the collective unconscious? Lost in Dollhouse City brb

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