Mark’s Great Duluth Alley Rally Urban Mountain Biking Route

Duluth has become known for it’s mountain biking trails in recent years, and for decades the paved Munger Trail has been a favorite of those with road bikes. But what about the unofficial street routes created just for the sake of being weird? Well, Perfect Duluth Day’s own Mark Nicklawske has established a route through the Endion, Chester Park and Congdon Park area that “climbs and plummets more than 1,300 feet in about 10 miles” according to a review on Medium by Nicklawske’s friend Keith Uhlig of Wausaw.

The “Duluth Alley Rally Urban Mountain Biking Route” or “Endion Alley Rally” is “a dangerous downhill gonzo blast,” that Uhlig describes as mostly involving “breathlessly slogging up a hill, or breathlessly screaming down one.”

Check out the course in greater detail via Map My Ride.

The Grandview Avenue ally between 17th and 18th avenues east, with its view of the Aerial Lift Bridge. (Photo by Mark Nicklawske)

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Matthew James

about 2 weeks ago

Chester Park Drive has always been my favorite part of biking down the hill from UMD. I had no idea there was an alley behind it. I'll have to give that route a try at some point, presumably after checking my brakes.

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