Washington Post: Duluth a “mountain biking paradise”


Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 2 years ago

Important to note Duluth is the first city mentioned, and the text is effusive: 

Duluth, Minn.: Mountain biking paradise Population: 84,904. Just six areas on earth have earned the top-tier gold-level Ride Center designation from the International Mountain Bicycling Association, and they include this Midwestern lakeport with a more than 90-mile network of mountain bike trails. Day rides abound, but for post-trail bragging rights, take on the ultra-classic 40-mile Duluth Traverse, a largely beginner-friendly route spanning the length of the city. It’s not only about the single track in Duluth, however. Through-hikers on the approximately 300-mile Superior Hiking Trail stroll right through town, and there are paddlers of all sorts on the St. Louis River Estuary National Water Trail, with designated routes that range from one to 12 miles.

Helmut Flaag

about 2 years ago

Nice. That article should turn the density of snobs and gapers up to eleven. 

OK, so then let's establish some new rules for the trail shall we? If you're riding solo, you don't have to yell out SOLO or SINGLE to every rider you pass. Let's just have all riders assume that the solo riders who don't announce their status are single riders and then they can all stop playing paddy cake with you. Besides, you should always be looking for forthcoming riders and ring the bell on corners. 

Numero Deuce: Lester DT from the Smiley Face bridge down should be a one way going downhill. You should not desire to ride that trail up hill. At all. Ever. At least during peak hours. Why would you want to ride up that anyway? So much better down hill. 

Lastly, if you/we are meeting each other on a trail where the uphill/downhill aspect is debatable and you expect the other rider to yield. Go home. You don't belong there. I'm not here to debate you or survey the landscape. I didn't bring my level. This whole downhill riders yielding to uphill riders is stupid and nonsense anyway. Maybe I'll pretend to play along with this one if it makes you feel better but I'm done playing footsie with you on this whole yelling out your pack number. How about you watch for other riders at all times? Chances are the person who states they are the last one has no clue if someone they don't know is five seconds behind them. Jesus.

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