Look for a guy with a goat skull on his head…

I found an interesting discussion about a possible video-game/real-life event happening over at /r/duluth/. Maybe we can help solve this mystery?

Basically Team Fortress 2 a video game published by Valve has recently updated their game and their website. This is the page they posted it turns out, according to google maps, that your city is a real place and so is the hotel. Some of us over at /r/tf2 are wondering if anyone would be willing to volunteer to head there? The reason why we suspect something is because in past updates the company who has made the game have done some pretty crazy puzzles. Basically in the latest puzzle they had us combine “walk into a bar jokes” with md5 checksums from the game, to create a sequence of data. Which when put together were mapped to Hex Codes, and that each of the outputs formed various file formats (.png .bmp .midi C++ code and a .zip file with KeePass file). These various forms of data formed QR codes, Morse Code, Ascii Art, and Text. The words then corresponded to hexadecimal using the PGP word list. The hex was then strung together in order and that was the password to the .zip file. Inside it was a QR code which when Xored with previous QR codes lead to instructions saying to combine a bunch of ingame items. When they were combined a new comic was released. Basically there was a lot of incredible detective work done by some great people and some of us think there might be a clue at the given time and place The first question that really will save us a lot of work is if there even is a Great Lakes Ballroom at the Econo Lodge Airport? The location is the “Econo Lodge Airport October 29&30, corner of Highway 53 and County highway 91, at 1-3 PM in the Great Lakes Ballroom.

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