We attended the Spooktacular at Glensheen on Saturday. It was awesome. If you’ve not been, Sunday is another chance, and it’s worth every penny. Firedancer performs at 7, 7:30 and 8 p.m.

PS: Firedancer: Who recorded the music you dance to? It’s been a long time since I heard elektro-goth stuff like that.


Malleable Reality

about 11 years ago

Hi there, I didn't think I'd see myself on this website ever but thank you for the upload. The music that I have been playing for my performances are as follows:

The Glitch Mob - Bad Wings
The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days
Ronald Jankees - Stay Crunchy
Minnesota - Breathe
Emancipator - Eve

The songs that you are more than likely thinking of are the two by Glitch Mob. I'm glad you enjoyed the show and I will be having a close friend performing with me this evening (sunday) for the last night of the Spooktacular.

Thanks Again!
-David Carlson

[email protected]

about 11 years ago

Dude, your show was amazing!  And I loved the music -- you were right, it was Fortune Days.  Thank you!

(Now, take the hint and pimp a website for your firedancing, if you have one!  Between last night's show and the show at the steampunk gala at the depot, I am suddenly wishing I hung out with fire more.)

Malleable Reality

about 11 years ago

Haha, well thank you very much, I do appreciate the positive feedback. I do have a Facebook page.

I also started a juggling club here in Duluth after moving back from Colorado; feel free to join. We try to meet up at least once a month to exchange ideas and have fun hanging out with people of similar interests. 

Hope to see you around.

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