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Kingsbury Creek has a new bridge, snowmobile trail restored

The bridge over Kingsbury Creek in West Duluth that was washed away in the Historic Summer Solstice Flood Disaster of 2012 has been replaced. The snowmobile route that runs across the bridge and snakes through the hillside south of Interstate 35, roughly from Keane Creek to Knowlton Creek, has also been restored after years of neglect. The lost ridgeline snowmobile route is part of the St. Louis River Corridor snowmobile trail system and links to the Hermantown trail system.

Duluth’s Parks and Recreation Division and the Hermantown Night Riders are hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the bridge on Dec. 17.

Video: Levi LaVallee’s Duluth Snowmobile Stunts

Snowmobile stunt rider and Minnesota native Levi LaVallee was in Duluth during the first week of March filming this stunt video. Watch him defy gravity at Spirit Mountain, Lake Avenue, Rice’s Point and more.

Video Flashback: Snocross 2019

The 2019 Duluth Snocross will be most remembered for the Thanksgiving Weekend Snowout, which led to the cancellation of the second and third days of the snowmobile racing event. But the there was one day of action, captured above in a short documentary by Adam Jagunich, and below in the official Snocross recap video.

Amsoil Championship Snocross – Duluth 2016

R.I.P. Walt Pederson

Walter PedersonWalter H. Pederson, a Duluth native and member of the Plaisted Arctic expedition, died Friday in St. Cloud at the age of 88.

Pederson served as mechanic on Ralph Plaisted’s crew, which reached the North Pole by snowmobile in 1968. The subject gained new attention last month when the New York Times published an account of the expedition. In early April the Hollywood infotainment website Deadline reported Will Ferrell will star in film about the Plaisted expedition.

Pederson’s obituary in the St. Cloud Times notes he was a “sailor, cowboy, mechanic, racer, teacher, businessman, inventor, explorer, author, politician, entrepreneur, scientist, private eye, hero, friend, husband, father and grandfather.” Services will be held Friday in Milaca.

Hollywood rumor: Will Ferrell will star in film about snowmobile adventure hatched over drinks at Duluth’s Pickwick

Ralph PlaistedJust two weeks ago Perfect Duluth Day linked to a New York Times article about Ralph Plaisted’s 1968 expedition to the North Pole by snowmobile. Yesterday the online infotainment website Deadline reported producers Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen and actor Will Ferrell will make a movie about the Minnesota adventurers.

“They’ve acquired Guy Lawson’s article for The New York Times Magazine, with a title that tells you everything you need to know: ‘Ice Pack: An Insurance Salesman and a Doctor Walk Into a Bar, and End Up at the North Pole,’ Deadline reports. “They will build the film around Ferrell.”

Plaisted Polar Expedition in New York Times

Plaisted Expedition Team 1968Ralph Plaisted’s “Big Idea” — to travel to the North Pole by snowmobile — was born in Duluth’s Pickwick restaurant in 1966. The New York Times published a fresh account of the story last week.

An Insurance Salesman and a Doctor Walk Into a Bar, and End Up at the North Pole


Duluth National Snocross 2015

Video by Max Fierek.

Snowmobiling Madness

Alright, I like winter as much as anyone else in Duluth and don’t want to spoil people’s fun. That being said, I have a neighbor who is a bit of a snowmobile enthusiest. He likes to ride his snowmobile around his yard ad nauseum at all hours of the night. He also likes to ride up and down the street and all over the schoolyard accross the street, especially when parents and kids are sledding. I have talked to him about this but he isn’t what you would call neighborly. Is this even legal to do? It seems a trail or a lake would be a better spot than a small yard or public space to ride around. Do I have a legitimate complaint or am I being the old guy shaking his fist at everyone?

Duluth Snowmobiler Code of Ethics

So I feel like I am about to go to a Baci-esque Defcon 2 level on the snowmobile riders using my yard for their personal burnout entry way to the state trails. I live in Lakeside and after about the 4th ride through the middle of my yard that included track marks below the grass level I got to ask what gives. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can fill me in on the snowmobile code of ethics. Before I start binge calling the cops I want to know if this is acceptable behavior on any level. I was a finger pointing old man at the guy I caught riding through the yard tonight that wasn’t interested in stopping to discuss the issue. I have no problems with snowmobiles as I use them plenty for ice fishing and certainly appreciate their utility. Does anybody else out there have any experience with this? Does calling the cops help?

Where the hell’s Cooper?

This article was originally published in the June 2006 issue of Minnesota Monthly magazine.

A corner of the Squirrel Cage Bar in Willow River still pays tribute to the town’s most infamous citizen. At the top of a collection of framed newspaper clippings is a computer printout asking a question that once appeared on hundreds of bumper stickers in the area: “Where the hell’s Cooper?”

U. S. Marshals are still trying to answer that question.

Snowmobile Mechanics in Duluth

I need some work done to my 2000 Ski-Doo. I have contacted local dealers and their shop rates are astronomical ($65-$90/ hour!) and they typically will not let me purchase the needed parts on my own which adds many hundreds of dollars to the total bill. I have asked around and many mechanics are too busy to take on any more projects. 

Does anyone know of a reputable snowmobile mechanic that has immediate availability? I also have some friends that would be interested in booking some smaller maintenance type jobs with him/ her. I am trying to keep within a 20-30 mile radius of Duluth.

Thanks in advance for any responses, and I know it is only August but we may have snow in the next 90 days, and I’m trying to be prepared.