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Bob Monohan shows his cards

Bob Monohan does the art scene.

I had a fun interview with Bob Monohan of Chaperone Records, which I posted this morning at Ennyman’s Territory.

Interview with Nick Monson, co-founder of Prøve Gallery

Tonight is the ninth show opening at the Prøve Gallery in Downtown Duluth. Nick Monson, a co-owner of the gallery, talked about the show titled “Slow Motion,” which promises to be interesting as usual. The full story is at Ennyman’s Territory.

Review of 42nd Annual Park Point Art Fair

This is the weekend of the Art Fair at Park Point. Nice way to spend an afternoon if you want to get outside … (recommended). Here’s my take on what I saw on Friday.

Homegrown Art

As usual, the Homegrown Music Festival has generated huge quantities of buzz, and remains a real showcase for what’s happening in the Northland. I was especially interested in the Homegrown arts facet, caught every opening and even the Lake Superior College opening that was not part of Homegrown … and a little music as well. So much to see and not enough time to write about it all. I did sum up my Friday and Saturday evenings this morning on my blog at Ennyman’s Territory.

Kudos to all organizers, volunteers, bands, and artists who once again made this a very special week for the Twin Ports community.

Patron of the arts enjoying a set of images at Prove Gallery Saturday night.

It’s interesting, but is it art?

Portrait of Joyce (Blue View)

Art history has taken us into some very interesting and sometimes strange terrains and spaces these past 150 years. What’s amazing is how much pop culture has been influenced by fringe and almost unknown artists in terms of the wider public, just as our clothing fashions are influenced by events that took place last year on a runway in Paris.

Ten Minutes with Simon Gray

If a man is worth knowing at all, he is worth knowing well. Simon Gray has been doing fascinating creative work for quite some time. Many here have appreciated his whimsical paintings and cartoons. He was willing to be interviewed for Ennyman’s Territory this past week. It’s a good read. With pictures.

Drop in and check it out.

2011 Arts Interviews at Ennyman’s Territory

A number of local artists were featured in interviews over the course of 2011 at Ennyman’s Territory. Links to each can be found here and here.

Celebrate the arts in 2012. Get to know your local artists. And remember that you don’t always have to understand a work of art to be moved by it.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bob Dylan

Last night I stumbled on a fun article at BobDylan.com and wrote a bit a-bout-it at Ennyman’s Territory.

For what it’s worth, if you still don’t have Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart, 100% goes to charitable causes. Here’s my review of this CD from when it was introduced in 2010.

Meantime, may everyone in Duluth have a bit of Christmas in their hearts this year … and Let It Snow.

Ten Minutes with Local Steampunk Artist Eric Horn

I just posted a fascinating look at the artist behind Chronicle: The Graphic Novel, which premiered at Friends of Industry last summer, at Ennyman’s Territory.

The Prøve is proven

It was a full house, everyone alive as the Duluth art scene spreads its wings.

Last night’s opening/reception at the new Prøve Gallery in Downtown Duluth was as exciting as the first. For those interested in the arts, I have posted a few photos with commentary at Ennyman’s Territory.

Don’t forget the two shows tonight in Superior at Mr. Lucky’s and Goin’ Postal. The Superior Telegram featured these two events in a front page story this week by Maria Lockwood titled Mixing art and business.

Prøve Gallery Hosts Second Show

The Prøve Gallery is one of several exciting new galleries in the Twin Ports.

The Prøve Gallery promises to be an exciting addition to the Twin Ports arts scene.

Prøve Gallery has announced the opening of a new show, Second, on Friday, Dec. 9. Second will feature the work of Alexander Hanson, Nikki Burger, Michael Beachy, Brittany Sanford, and Zach Gorr. Prøve Collective members Anthony Zappa, Justin Iverson, Nickolas Monson and Steven J Read will also be presenting work. The DJ collective the Crunchy Bunch will be spinning records, food will be provided by Clyde Iron Works and micro-brewed beer will be provided by Carmody Irish Pub.

Ten Minutes with Photographer John Heino

Radiance illuminated.

John Heino photo from his Radiance series.

Just posted at Ennyman’s Territory, an inside glimpse of the creative energies that drive John Heino.

The Art Scene This Weekend

Just posted at Ennyman’s Territory, “Twin Ports Area Arts Scene Gears Up for the Holidays.”

This is a small collection of things to see and do here in Duluth and Superior. Always get the full skinny by reading The Wave and The Reader.

Ten Minutes with Caitlin Robertson

Singer/songwriter Caitlin Robertson’s first album will be released in December. She will be performing Dec. 9 in Duluth at Fitger’s. She was interviewed for Ennyman’s Territory this past week and it is posted there today.

Ten Minutes with Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff

I met Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff at a Sustainable Duluth event at the Clyde Iron Works earlier this fall. Naomi came to Duluth five years ago and is currently editor of the Duluth Hillisider, the community newspaper, and a founder of the Duluth Daily Photo blog. Like many of the artists and writers I’ve interviewed here, her passion for what she would become emerged early in life.

Ennyman: When did you first take an interest in writing? And who were your biggest influences?

Naomi: I first became interested in journalism when I was in junior high school. As icebreaker, our typing teacher had everyone anonymously write down his or her favorite television show on a slip of paper. My favorite show was 60 Minutes and when the teacher read it out loud, the whole class erupted into laughter.

As a high school junior, I wrote for our high school paper. The summer before my senior year, I attended Northwestern University’s six-week Summer Institute of Journalism in Evanston, Ill. We participated in mock interviews of famous people and we also had some real interviews. My senior year I wrote for the Grand Forks Herald’s Teen scene. I was paid to produce one story a week on area teenagers. (I doubt any newspapers are paying teenagers to write stories now.)

To see the rest of this interview, visit Ennyman’s Territory and http://pioneerproductions.blogspot.com

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