How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bob Dylan

Last night I stumbled on a fun article at and wrote a bit a-bout-it at Ennyman’s Territory.

For what it’s worth, if you still don’t have Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart, 100% goes to charitable causes. Here’s my review of this CD from when it was introduced in 2010.

Meantime, may everyone in Duluth have a bit of Christmas in their hearts this year … and Let It Snow.



about 12 years ago

Sad to hear Dylan move from social conscience to Santa Claus. After the Victoria's Secret ad he kind of lost some street cred anyway, so why not a Christmas album.

College is where it seems that most Dylan fans began their love of the lyrical poetry he spewed, but as I get older it is harder to listen to his stuff. Like a music junky I went through all his albums years ago and now usually skip him when he pops up on the Ipod.

I saw him in 99' at Canterbury and it was awful. It would be nice to have him come back here so I could see him twice and reinforce my appreciation now that I am older. The sound in 99' was horrible there... Not sure what it was like up here.

"Must Be Santa" is a great tune off the Xmas album.


about 12 years ago

That's too bad about the Canterbury concert. My brother went to one in PA a couple years ago and the sound was all wrong, so it was a "bad" concert. I thoroughly enjoyed the Duluth concert in 1998, wrote about it and said Christmas came twice that year. 

As for the Christmas album, what the heck. At least he wasn't doing it for the money and the one really good cut was truly fun. (Must Be Santa, as you note.)

Personally, I find a lot of great stuff in nearly every decade of his career, but I never expect everyone to like what I like. If I still find a song rewarding, I can listen to it a hundred times... as I have with Desolation Row or Changing of the Guard or Tell Old Bill... etc.

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