Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2021

Another year of groovy music, wacky stunts and events, mathematical impossibilities, and our first TikTok inclusion. It’s time for PDD’s best videos of 2021.

Superior Siren – “Trying Too Hard”
Alison Peluso plays three different characters in this Superior Siren video — a young woman tapping into her inner wisdom, an oppressed ancestor unable to stand up for herself and a representation of the divine feminine energy and goddess within. The video was created by Killy Kay and Caelen Mars. Originally posted Jan. 1.

Paula Gudmundson – “Partita in A minor”
Dr. Paula Gudmundson performs J.S. Bach’s “Partita in A minor” in this music video shot throughout Duluth as part of the Bach Society of Minnesota’s Mini Mobile Concerts Series. The video was produced by DanSan Creatives. Originally posted Jan. 13.

Lanue – “What I Love the Most”
Sarah Krueger launched a new music project called Lanue in 2021. The first video release, “What I Love the Most,” was filmed and directed by Zoe Prinds-Flash and edited by Lauren Josephine. Originally posted Jan. 21.

Ice-fishing Gear Floating Away on Lake Superior Ice Sheets
Marius Anderson of London Road Films shot this aerial footage in Duluth after an ice sheet broke from the shore and took a group of nearly 30 ice anglers out into Lake Superior. The Duluth Fire Department rescued all of the anglers; most of the equipment was lost. Originally posted Feb. 13.

Levi LaVallee’s Duluth Snowmobile Stunts
Snowmobile stunt rider and Minnesota native Levi LaVallee defys gravity at Spirit Mountain, Lake Avenue, Rice’s Point and more in this video. He famously landed in St. Louis Bay while attempting a jump off the remains of the Duluth-Superior Interstate Bridge onto a series of barges. At the end of 2021 the video had accumulated more than 246,000 views. Originally posted April 7.

Glensheen Drone Fly-through
Drone pilot and former Duluthian Jay Christensen sent his camera spinning through the halls, rooms and grounds at Glensheen Mansion. Originally posted June 21.

Wolf Pup Working on a Proper Howl
Viewed more than 50,000 times in 2021, this clip of a wolf pup in Voyageurs National Park trying its best to howl is the cutest video of the year. Originally posted June 2.

Cities Never Sleep – “Kokomo”
Rockin’ riffs and spectacular beach scenes in this punk cover of a Beach Boys classic. Originally posted May 17.


Just kidding Duluth it’s a beautiful town a beautiful city but in all honesty there are no Uber’s on my boys wedding day yikes!

♬ original sound – AJ McLean

AJ Mclean Can’t Get an Uber
Just one day after praising Duluth as serene and beautiful, former Backstreet Boy AJ Mclean sings “Damn, Duluth, you ain’t got no Ubers” as he tries to get to a friend’s wedding. Originally posted Sep. 19.

Cribbage Board Product Photos are Lies!
Photographer Kip Praslowicz reveals shocking truths about cribbage product photography. Originally posted Oct. 5.

Charlie Parr – “817 Oakland Avenue”
Animated music video by Drew Christie from Charlie Parr’s 2021 album “Last of the Better Days Ahead.” Originally posted Oct. 20.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-man Band – “Ranger Things”
A spooky medley from the Iron Range’s goofiest and hardest working musician, Steve Solkela. Originally posted Nov. 1.

Exploring the Duluth Armory
With recent news of Sherman Associates taking on the restoration of the Duluth Armory, this video could serve as an interesting document of the “before” state of the building. Originally posted Nov. 22.

Low – “Hey”
Killy Kay’s dreamy, glitchy images fit quite nicely with this track from Low’s 2021 release “Hey What.” Originally posted Dec. 14.

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