Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos from 2000-2005

Both – “The Thing I Could Not Know”

This music video by Superior band Both was shot in 2004. Originally posted May 29, 2008.

Icy Intersection

You can’t beat a steady stream of cars sliding down 19th Avenue East across Eighth Street. This video was shot in 2003. Originally posted April 26, 2007.

Low on Carson Daly

Duluth band Low performs “California” on Last Call with Carson Daly. Originally posted March 26, 2005.

Low “California”

The music video for the song from the album The Great Destroyer. Originally posted Feb. 26, 2005.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Duckpin Bowling. Originally posted May 11, 2005.

Return to Duluth

Edited by Mark Ryan, this video is a collection of movie clips referencing Duluth. Originally posted May 18, 2005.