Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2018

We come to the close of another year, and look back on some of our favorite videos that were posted on PDD. It really does get harder and harder to choose favorites with so much variety and quality these days. But we’ve looked through the music videos, the drone videos, the extreme sports videos, the travelogues, the absurd experiments, and we’ve got twelve here that feel like a pretty good summary of 2018 in Duluth. Let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorites.

Superior Siren – “Tomorrow”
Superior Siren released this video on New Year’s Eve. It was shot in the Minnesota Ballet’s space on the Grain Exchange floor of the Duluth Board of Trade building. Kyle Hanson directed the video; Emily Neale is the dancer. Originally posted Jan. 1.

Mom’s Apartment
Toby Thomas Churchill takes us on a fascinating tour of his mom’s apartment and the amazing collections in it. Originally posted Feb. 3.

An Icy Sunset on Lake Superior
The otherworldly landscape of frozen Lake Superior enhanced with an eerie soundtrack. Video by Boston-based marketing firm Swiftkurrent. Originally posted March 26.

Duluth Dances the “Nelkin” Line
Dancers from the University of Minnesota Duluth and throughout the community describe the four seasons — spring, summer, autumn and winter — through dance in this video based on Bausch’s “Four Seasons” choreography from the 1982 piece Nelken. Originally posted April 25.

Sailboat Strikes Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge
During the Duluth Yacht Club’s Wednesday Night Races a boat was pulled into the Aerial Lift Bridge, nearly flipping the boat before the mast broke. Video by Joaquin Figueroa. Originally posted May 17.

Gaelynn Lea – “Lost in the Woods”
Official music video for Gaelynn Lea‘s “Lost in the Woods” from her album Learning How to Stay. Directed by Ethan Lindhout and Royce Hoffner of EvrGlo Media. Originally posted June 28.

Ride Duluth
Fat bikes take over the mean, icy streets of Duluth. And then they roll down the ski hills and jumps of Spirit Mountain. Video by Brendan Lauer, voiceover by Hansi Johnson, soundtrack by Gramma’s Boyfriend. Originally posted June 28.

Mary Bue – “The Shit I Left in Duluth”
The official video for a rockin’ song from Mary Bue’s Majesty of Beasts record. Video by Jon Hain. Originally posted July 4.

Jeffrey T. Larson
A beautifully shot and edited piece about artist Jeffrey T. Larson, who bought the St. Peter’s Church in West Duluth and turned it into the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art. By Joe Hawkins. Originally posted Aug. 3.

How it feels to be a beer
This short video was originally featured in our weekly Selective Focus series along with Kip Praslowicz’s informative videos about photography. His other videos are nice and all, but this one stood out as truly informational and helpful. Originally posted Oct. 19.

Ingeborg von Agassiz – “Waiting to Get Old”
Toward the end of 2018, Ingeborg von Agassiz was posting spontaneous videos like this at an alarming rate, so it was tough to pick a favorite. But this is a darn good one. Originally posted Nov. 18.

Christmas Ice Carousel
Joe Bianco and Cam Regan of Ely built a giant Christmas carousel on Burntside Lake, about 100 miles north of Duluth. The video was shot by Taylor Johnson. It was viewed more than 20,000 in its first week on YouTube. Originally posted Dec. 24.

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