Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2014

Best Videos of 2014

It was a big year for Internet videos, with over 200 Duluth-related segments posted to Perfect Duluth Day. Combing through and picking our favorites was arduous, but we nailed down the top 17 and gave up trying to cut the list at that point.


What to Do When it’s Really Cold Outside
The winter of 2013-’14 was one of the coldest and snowiest on record, and there was no shortage of videos documenting it. In this piece, Henry Reich of Hayward brought all of the bitter cold activities together. Originally posted Jan. 15, 2014.


Alleged Excessive-force Arrest in Superior
This might be the first time a video has made PDD’s end-of-the-year list not for its entertainment value, but for its importance. Excessive force by police officers was the top story nationwide in 2014, and the Duluth area had its own example. Natasha Lancour was arrested in the parking lot of the Keyport Lounge on Jan. 5 for allegedly striking Superior Police Officer George Gothner. The dashboard-cam video remains cringe-inducing no matter how many times it is viewed. Originally posted Jan. 22, 2014.


T-Bird Tom
Level Visuals produced this profile of Duluth’s Tom Maruska, who restores cars for the national Barrett Jackson auction. Originally posted Feb. 19, 2014.


Snow Swimming
Shanesaw and Scuba Steve have a little fun during a snow day. Their video has been viewed over 800,000 times and counting. Originally posted Feb. 21, 2014.


Caleb Wood drew columns of freehand animation directly onto the wall at Duluth’s Prøve Gallery for this snappy little video. Originally posted March 12, 2014.


Snowstorm to Hit Thunder Bay and Duluth
Frankie McDonald of Nova Scotia is quite passionate in his warning about the impending snowstorm scheduled to hit Duluth. Originally posted March 18, 2014.


Winter Ruled
Jim Richardson presents this highlight reel of sights and sounds from extreme winter 2014. Originally posted March 24, 2014.


Spring Fever in Duluth
Jonathan Thunder performs the robot dance at numerous Duluth locations. Originally posted April 22, 2014.

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Dang it Duluth
Twin Cities Public Television’s David Gillette takes up the subject of Duluth’s bitter cold winter in this illustrated essay. Originally posted April 25, 2014.


Calling Out
Pat Fischer and Collin Goodspeed directed this short video starring Rob Larson, based on a story by Paul Lundgren. The project was produced for the WDSE-TV program The PlayList. Originally posted April 25, 2014.


Pigeon River High Falls Drone Flyover
Cory Fechner sends the PDD Drone over the High Falls on the Pigeon River with music by Low. Originally posted May 13, 2014.


I Found Myself Stuck in an Experimental Film
Vincent Gargiulo shot this short piece in June when he was in town for the Duluth is Horrible premiere. It’s part of an upcoming project called Fantastic. Originally posted May 28, 2014.


ChuchCrew: Duluth Dæn
Alex Colorito captured this video of Dan Wilczek taking a few downhill runs. Originally posted Aug. 22, 2014.


Brule River
Sam Alvar of Seaquest Productions explores the mighty Brule with a GoPro and P2 Drone. Originally posted Sept. 26, 2014.


Ghosts of the French River, Part Four
Jim Richardson shot a quadrilogy of videos featuring the underwater movements of Erin Tope at the French River. Part four was our favorite. Originally posted Oct. 25, 2014.


Sarah Krueger – “Nothing Hits Me”
Trent Waterman directed, shot and edited this video for the first single off Sarah Krueger’s album Lustrous. Originally posted Nov. 24, 2014.


Life is a Journey
Skyler Brewster compiled this collection of images with an inspirational message. Originally posted Dec. 6, 2014.

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