Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2017

From music videos and outdoor adventure stunts to epic wildlife battles and sexy scenery, here’s Perfect Duluth Day’s annual look back at the year’s finest productions in the realm of moving visual images.

Duluth Skate
This daredevil downhill skating video from Andrew Kilness, shot in Duluth’s Lester Park, was viewed more than 59,000 times in 2017. Originally posted March 24.

Creamy Stouts
Paddler Clint Massey takes some daring runs and drops on a raging Brule River. Video by Brian Robin and Jesse Credille. Originally posted April 17.

The Dames – “Head of State”
Duluth band the Dames reformed in 2017, and PDD’s Brian Barber took on the challenge of creating this animated production for the Homegrown Music Video Festival. In addition to PDD’s list, the video was also selected to City Pages‘ list of “best local music videos of 2017” taking top honors in the category “Most Fuck Trump.” Originally posted May 3.

Meet the World’s Oldest Hockey Player
International documentarians Great Big Story tell the inspiring tale of Mark Sertich of Duluth, who at 95 still plays hockey several times a week. Originally posted on May 4.

Gaelynn Lea on The PlayList
It’s been a busy couple of years for Duluth’s Gaelynn Lea. As always, the team at WDSE TV’s The Playlist put together an excellent documentary about her growing national exposure. Originally posted on May 30.

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Toby Thomas Churchill has some pretty strong opinions. You may or may not agree with them, but he’s prepared to back them up with charts and graphs. Originally posted on June 4.

Lake Superior Aquaman: Madeline Island Diving Board
This year, our favorite Lake Superior Aquaman moment is a mostly out-of-water experience. Originally posted June 12.

Sweat Equity – Hot Shower
Duluth’s Paul Broman and Kevin Craig bring the funky synth-pop sex appeal in their band Sweat Equity. The video for their first single, “Hot Shower,” epitomized sensuality in 2017. Originally posted July 20.

Glitteratti – “Ask the Mrs.”
Marc Gartman travels to the big city with the debut song from this year’s Glitteratti album release In Pasadena. In the process he manages to cast a bunch of New Yorkers in a Duluth music video. Originally posted on Jul 28.

Nat Harvie Trio – “Nat Harvie’s Birthday”
Caitlin Nielson directed and edited Nat Harvie Trio‘s debut video, shot with Jacob Swanson in the Duluth Masonic Temple’s Scottish Rite Auditorium. Originally posted Sept. 5.

“Peaceful Valley” music video
From Charlie Parr’s 2017 album Dog, and animated by Jake Huffcutt. A lesson in reclusiveness. Originally posted Sept. 7.

Hans Johnson takes an artsy look at Duluth in this video that also includes Johnson’s music. Originally posted Oct. 5.

Northern Ontario Moose vs. Wolf
This video doesn’t really have anything to do with Duluth, but it was by far the most watched video on Perfect Duluth Day in 2017. It was viewed more than 97,000 times on PDD and more than 4.7 million times overall. It shows an epic moose and wolf fight in Ontario, captured by drone photographer Dan Nystedt by random chance. Originally posted Oct. 10.

The Electric Witch – “Hallowed”
The Electric Witch brings dark synth rock to Sacred Heart and out to the depths of the woods on Park Point in this video released just before Halloween. Directed by Mike Scholtz and Valerie Coit. Originally posted Oct. 26.

Beauty in the Bitter Cold
Timothy Johnson of Whitespace Films was on Lake Superior’s North Shore over Christmas, when the temperature was around -20 °F. Originally posted Dec. 28.

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