Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2023

Let’s all be kind and rewind. We’re looking at the best videos that appeared on Perfect Duluth Day in 2023. Sometimes chosen for the quality, sometimes for the concept, sometimes … we don’t know why we find them appealing.

As always, the variety was huge and included music videos, documentaries, drone footage, mashups, and some that can’t easily be described.

Chuck Leavell and Big Wave Dave and the Ripples – “Like A Rolling Stone”
Chuck Leavell visited Duluth in 2022 to record a performance of the Bob Dylan song “Like a Rolling Stone” with local band Big Wave Dave and the Ripples at Sacred Heart Music Center. The collaboration was for the closing segment of the 10th episode of the television series America’s Forests with Chuck Leavell, which was released in 2023. Originally posted Jan. 14.

Welcome to Duluth
An American cinematheque production by Jack Rossi. Originally posted Feb. 5

The Merry Kiss Cam Cinematic Universe
Kip Praslowicz delves into the 2022 movie Merry Kiss Cam from a Duluth perspective. Originally posted Feb. 6.

Sledding at the Laskiainen Finnish Festival in Palo
Videographer Adam Jagunich took his drone for a winter flight in the small Iron Range town of Palo to capture sledding scenes from the 85th annual Laskiainen Finnish Festival. Originally posted Feb. 8.

Exploring Clark House Creek Tunnel
Duluth Urbex explores the underground creek beneath Cascade Park. Originally posted Feb. 23.

Giant Expectations Trailer: The Nimrod Giant Ski Movie
The Nimrod Giant Ski Team was the subject of a documentary, Giant Expections, that premiered ahead of the 2023 American Birkebeiner Giant Ski Race. The trailer for the movie provides an insightful glimpse at the most successful and controversial giant ski team of all time. Originally posted Feb. 27.

Gaelynn Lea’s “Watch the World Unfold” Video from Microsoft’s 2023 Ability Summit
Duluth’s Gaelynn Lea provided the opening keynote to Microsoft’s 2023 Ability Summit. Her video included a performance of the song “Watch the World Unfold.” Originally posted March 9.

Bonnie Shea: Duluth’s First Female Hockey Player
The University of Minnesota Duluth’s public relations and marketing department presents the story of Bonnie Shea, Duluth’s first female hockey player. Originally posted March 16.

Superior Siren – “Love Poem”
Laura Sellner directs this music video for a track from her 2021 solo Superior Siren EP Kill Your Darlings. Originally posted March 21.

Ill Fortune – “Third Eye Open”
The video for Ill Fortune’s “Third Eye Open” features Lane Newman and Dane MD, and was shot by Olivia Newman and John Persons. Originally posted April 25.

Beyondbliss – “Goodbye My Friend”
The video for the first single from Beyondbliss’ album Born Deaf was made from a collection of old VHS tapes of performances. Originally posted April 27.

UMD Bulldog Hockey: Amsoil Arena Fly-through
Take a tour of Amsoil Arena, home of UMD Bulldogs hockey, via drone footage by Ethan Schultz of ShotxSchultz. Originally posted May 19.

100 Giant Colossal Statues of Bob Dylan
The Committee for Giant Colossal Statues of Bob Dylan, Duluth’s premier Bob Dylan monuments organization, was hard at work in 2023 designing giant colossal statues of Bob Dylan. Originally posted May 22.

Minnesota Historia: The Magic of Smelting
Season two of the PBS North web series Minnesota Historia, hosted by Hailey Eidenschink and produced/edited/written by Mike Scholtz, included another array of glimpses into the state’s quirky past. It’s difficult to pick one episode to stand out, but we had to give the nod to the one about “a tiny little bug-eyed silver fish that some people put in their mouths.” Originally posted May 24.

What Happens Every Time Kip Uses His View Camera in Public
“No. Seriously. Every time,” Duluth photographer Kip Praslowicz insists. Originally posted Oct. 20.

Greg Cougar Conley – “Our Someday”
This clip, recently unearthed from the KSTP-TV St. Paul archive, shows country music legend Greg Cougar Conley’s 1962 debut on the Minneapolis-Moline Power Implement Company Variety Hour. Originally posted Dec. 23.

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