Exploring Clark House Creek Tunnel

Duluth Urbex explores the underground creek beneath Cascade Park.



about 1 year ago

Amazing! I felt claustrophobic just watching the video, though it was fascinating. I used to live in the Cascade neighborhood but had never heard of the Clark House, and never knew about the tunnel. I'm curious about those places but too cowardly to go into one, so I like vicarious viewing. I was surprised at how clean it was, after so many years, and what good condition it seemed to be in. Thanks for posting. Could have lived without that "music," though!


about 1 year ago

Yes, thanks for this. I am obsessed by underground water! I need to see that grate from above in Cascade Park, which I wish was kept the way it was. Really bad song, though!


about 8 months ago

I seen you had said that the creek went through the park until the 1970s when it was reconstructed to make room for Mesaba Avenue. I don't believe that is entirely correct. I lived on First Avenue West and Fifth Street in the 1960s, and it was already covered at that time. Matter of fact, in 1968 the park flooded so bad it took out the steps and almost all of First Avenue at the entrance of the park. I am not sure when the creek was covered, but I think it was in the 1940s. However, you did something I would have never tried. That trek looked pretty spooky. Thanks for the video!


about 8 months ago

Well I guess my memory isn't the greatest. The flood was the 1972 flood and they covered up the creek in the 1950s.

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