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Exploring the Duluth Armory

Duluth Urbex was recently granted a tour of the Duluth Armory. Built at 1305 London Road in 1915, the armory served as a military training facility and also hosted concerts and events until 1978.

Exploring Nopeming Sanatorium

A few week’s back Duluth Urbex slithered through Nopeming, the former sanatorium located west of Duluth in Midway Township. The resulting video is a perfect primer for the Halloween creeps.

Exploring Haddad’s Cave

Where is Haddad’s Cave? What is Haddad’s Cave? Well, in the world of urban exploration, such details are sometimes closely held. This video hit YouTube yesterday on the Duluth Urbex channel.

Inside Duluth’s Armory

Photographer Dan Turner’s latest adventure on his Substreet website shows off the gritty and crumbling Duluth Armory, including a basement shooting range.

Drain Duluth

rp_Dripping-Dropshaft-CSUBSTREET.jpgThis is fascinating and frightening. Check out “Draining Zenith City” a blog entry by Dan Turner, a photographer, urban explorer and historian. The name of his blog is Substreet. The picture here is Chester Creek, somewhere under the Rose Garden. Turner has also documented other places around Duluth and Superior, and industrial and abandoned spaces across the country.

Yoerg’s Brewery

On this date 165 years ago — July 6, 1849 — Bavarian immigrant Anthony Yoerg opened Minnesota’s first brewery in St. Paul.

Interesting side note on Yoerg’s Brewery: In 1871 the operation moved to a spot adjacent to the Lilydale caves. Yoerg used the natural caves to store his product, and added the phrase “cave-aged” to the label. There are a number of places online to read about Yoerg’s Brewery, but of particular interest is the Substreet underground history site, which profiles Yoerg’s lost cellars.

Trespassing at UMD’s Old Main in 1992


One summer night in 1992, when I was 19 years old, I came home from doing something forgettable and found three of my friends waiting for me. They said I should grab a flashlight and come with them on an adventure.

Duluth’s Graffiti Graveyard

Video by Nathan Treanor.

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