Urban Exploration Posts

Exploring the Abandoned Boase Elementary School

Boase Elementary School in Hoyt Lakes, about 40 miles north of Duluth, was built in 1956 and has been abandoned since the last classes were held there in 2002. In the video above, Duluth Urbex explores the building’s crumbling classrooms.

Video Tour of Mariner Business Center in 2021

Brandon Novy produces videos of “dead, dying, or interesting malls (and anything related) in and around Minnesota” for the YouTube channel Yodeling Loon Retail. In 2021 he visited Mariner Business Center in Superior — formerly Mariner Mall — for his first video of a mall outside Minnesota.

Exploring Clark House Creek Tunnel

Duluth Urbex explores the underground creek beneath Cascade Park.

Exploring Upper Buckingham Creek

In a follow up to last month’s exploration of Buckingham Creek, Duluth Urbex tunnels into the upper section of the creek.

Exploring Santa Fe U.S. Mail Railway Post Car 57

Duluth Urbex takes a peek inside an abandoned railway post-office car in West Duluth.

Exploring Buckingham Creek

The latest look at Duluth’s underworld from Duluth Urbex explores Buckingham Creek, which flows through Enger Park and down Observation Hill into the St. Louis River.

Exploring Lower Brewery Creek Tunnel

Seven months ago Duluth Urbex published a winter video from the icy underground of the Brewery Creek drain tunnel. A new video, embedded above, explores the tunnel in summer conditions.

Exploring Oregon Creek Tunnel

Duluth Urbex presents an underground tour of Oregon Creek, which flows beneath the University of Minnesota Duluth campus and through the Endion neighoborhood to Lake Superior.

Graffiti Graveyard

The video by Shawn Donovan that previously was embedded here is no longer available.

Exploring the Cramer Tunnel

Duluth Urbex recently took an icy trudge through Minnesota’s longest train tunnel. The Cramer Tunnel, about 70 miles northeast of Duluth, connected the former LTV Steel Hoyt Lakes taconite plant with its ore dock at Taconite Harbor.

Duluth Underground Ice Tunnel

Trudge through the icy underground of the Brewery Creek drain tunnel in this new video from Duluth Urbex.

Exploring the Duluth Armory

Duluth Urbex was recently granted a tour of the Duluth Armory. Built at 1305 London Road in 1915, the armory served as a military training facility and also hosted concerts and events until 1978.

Exploring Nopeming Sanatorium

A few week’s back Duluth Urbex slithered through Nopeming, the former sanatorium located west of Duluth in Midway Township. The resulting video is a perfect primer for the Halloween creeps.

Exploring Haddad’s Cave

Where is Haddad’s Cave? What is Haddad’s Cave? Well, in the world of urban exploration, such details are sometimes closely held. This video hit YouTube yesterday on the Duluth Urbex channel.

Inside Duluth’s Armory

Photographer Dan Turner’s latest adventure on his Substreet website shows off the gritty and crumbling Duluth Armory, including a basement shooting range.