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Sherman Associates plans to develop Duluth Armory

Plans are in place for the Duluth Armory at 1305 London Road to “serve as an economic, cultural and entertainment hub for northeastern Minnesota,” according to a news release from the Armory Arts and Music Center. The organization announced a partnership on Monday with Minneapolis-based Sherman Associates to rehabilitate and develop the armory building, targeting an opening in 2024.

Exploring the Duluth Armory

Duluth Urbex was recently granted a tour of the Duluth Armory. Built at 1305 London Road in 1915, the armory served as a military training facility and also hosted concerts and events until 1978.

Video Archive: The Litter – “Blue Ice” (Duluth Armory, 1970)

Recently unearthed Super 8 footage of the Litter performing at the Duluth Armory on May 15, 1970 has been set to a studio recording of the song “Blue Ice.”

Members of the band were: Mark Gallegher, Dan Rinaldi, Tom Murray, James Worthington and Sean Jones.

Inside Duluth’s Armory

Photographer Dan Turner’s latest adventure on his Substreet website shows off the gritty and crumbling Duluth Armory, including a basement shooting range.

Armory: Love it, but would also love this

I was reading the Duluth News Tribune coverage of the Duluth Armory flood damage and happened upon this comment:

I wonder if the Armory Arts Org has bitten off more than it can chew. This place is really a white elephant but that is the regretful truth. The scale of difficulties in dealing with a place of this size, age and state of disrepair – now with flood damage and other problems – It’s just not going anywhere!

Historic Duluth Armory photos

Historic Duluth Armory featured Paul Metsa and Danny Fox, the 2008 winner of the Hibbing Dylan Days singer/songwriter contest for the May 30 open house.

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Armory Public Meeting

Wondering what the crazy “Dylan fetishists” are up to with the Armory? Interested in hearing more about the plans for one of the best addresses and buildings in Duluth? Just curious to finally see the inside of the Armory?