Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Videos of 2022

A wad of music videos and a pair of oddball documentaries are the foundation of Perfect Duluth Day’s collection of the best videos of 2022. As usual, there’s an aerial video with some pretty scenery in the mix. Kip Praslowicz breaks away from the mold with an arty kickball video and a sort-of cooking show that rolls in chemistry and geometry. But a pair of bozos with a camera in their ice-fishing canopy stole the show in 2022.

Low – “I Can Wait”
A vibrant, colorful video directed by Manuel Aragon, from the Grammy nominated 2021 album Hey What. Originally posted Jan. 5.

Charlie Parr – “Blues for Whitefish Lake, 1975”
This music video from Duluth’s Charlie Parr was shot and edited by Lei Shi, directed by Lance Lindahl and features Gar Lindahl as the boy. Originally posted Jan. 7.

Tiny Titanic
The unusual story of a Titanic replica in the front yard of a Proctor home. Produced and edited by Mike Scholtz. Originally posted Feb. 23.

Lake Trout Fishing Gone Wrong
Who said ice fishing is boring? This clip has been viewed 2.6 million times in the past 10 months.Originally posted Feb. 28.

Nat Harvie and Adelyn Strei Ice-sheet Jam Sesh
A performance on the frozen surface of Lake Superior, perhaps the largest stage ever. Originally posted March 5.

Minnesota Historia: Duluth’s Doomed Olympics Bid
A sample of the oddball Minnesota Historia series that premiered in 2022 on WDSE-TV, hosted by Hailey Eidenschink and produced/edited/written by Mike Scholtz. Originally posted April 26.

Duluth Homegrown Kickball Classic 2022: A Short Film
An epic, moving presentation of the athleticism, style and grace on display at the annual Homegrown Kickball game. Shot and edited by Kip Praslowicz. Originally posted May 22.

Kip’s $2.49 Griswold Square Egg Skillet Adventure
Another video from Kip, this time celebrating the wonders of making a square egg. Originally posted June 13.

Cole Pulice and Nat Harvie – “Parrish Blue”
The release of Duluthian Nat Harvie’s collab album with Cole Pulice, Strawberry Roan, was preceded by this music video, shot by Claire Crews and edited by Harvie. Originally posted June 14.

The Brothers Burn Mountain – “When We Play Music”
As advertised by the title, the brothers play music, dance and rock out in this psychedelic video from their album, The Thrill and the Flame. Originally posted June 21.

Sadkin – “Mirage”
The art/pop outfit Sadkin’s 2022 video release has new-romantic music mashed up with the modern art-cult backdrop of the Embassy studios in Duluth, with additional aerial footage from Eric Sturtz. Originally posted Aug. 26.

Emily Haavik – “Do You Think You Protect Me?”
A collaborative project to raise awareness about violence against women, featuring songwriting by Emily Haavik, choreography by Brianna Hall-Nelson, dancing by Erin Sola, videography by Michelle Truax and music production by Jillian Rae. Several more women sang on the chorus and participated in the video. Originally posted Sept. 26.

Sonofmel – “Grand Marais” (Live at Billings Park)
A live recording from Superior’s Porchfest, featuring a large cast of guest musicians. Originally posted Sept. 28.

Fall Colors at Enger Park
Fall colors and smooth flying from videographer Adam Jagunich. Originally posted Oct. 14.

Shippee – “Moonlight”
Shane Nelson directed this music video for a track from Blake Shippee’s solo album It All Started from a Whisper. The song and video are inspired by Shippee’s experience dealing with his father’s suicide. Originally posted Oct. 20.

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