Moose and Wolf Battle – Drone Video

Drone photographer Dan Nystedt caught an epic moose and wolf fight on camera while shooting scenery in Ontario yesterday.


Dawn Gunnari

about 7 years ago

Thank you for allowing us to view your incredible video of the fight for survival. Nature is cruel but I found myself sitting on pins and needles to find the final outcome. I was quite satisfied to know they both will go on another day.


about 7 years ago

What is the background music? Very nice!

Sharon A. Berry

about 7 years ago

If that had been a bull moose, the wolf would have been a goner.

Karen Saint

about 7 years ago

Exceptional... I had no idea a wolf would go to so much trouble for what appears to be a healthy moose. It makes me wonder how hungry it was, yet it seemed to have a lot of energy to put into the hunt. Fascinating footage.

Rick Lafleur

about 7 years ago

Where was this filmed? What lake?

Jim Parker

about 7 years ago

Neocons are always alert to the opportunity to prey on pregnant women. The catastrophallic caliph is rooting for the wolf.

Lizandro Ezrre

about 7 years ago

Well, you almost had a true encounter; the machine scared the wolf off. I was rooting for the moose anyway. That moose had the advantage, if he knew how to take advantage of it. When the moose went into deeper water, but was still able to walk, the wolf had to swim, very slowly. What the moose should have done is gone back and stomped that wolf to death. I live in Alaska and that is what moose do is stomp animals to death and stomp the public.

Jeff Martin

about 7 years ago

Leave our wildlife alone and keep your drone in the city! It's obvious that the interference of drone noise affected the outcome of the wolfs hunt. The wolf kept turning and checking on where the drone was, this is one of the reasons that drones are banned in all US National Parks.

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