Winter Posts

The Figures

Happy Homegrown Duluth!  I had to send a contribution from afar. I wanted to premiere my first short film on PDD. It’s a spooky little thing filmed in Duluth during a brief visit I made in 2014. The soundtrack is by myself and Eric Lyman, we record as Pale Wall. This film may be best viewed around 3 a.m. with a warm blanket. Cheers.

If you want this in your collection I have artfully packaged DVDs available. Contact jhuntzinger @ gmail.com

Winter Ruled

Highlight reel of sights and sounds from extreme winter 2014.

Painting in the BWCA

Duluth artist Ken Marunowski describes the process of making a wilderness landscape painting.

Old Seven Bridges Road sled hill

I remember fondly tubing down a hill on Seven Bridges Road. You used to be able to rent tubes from the chalet. They have a nice lighted trail system for cross-country skiing at Lester Park. What would be needed to get the sled hill going again?

Leap Day 2012 Snowmageddon Photos

At left is Rich Narum’s shot of Superior Street; at right the view from Anna Montgomery’s side door. Has anyone had the guts to wreck a camera and try shooting outside instead of through glass? Not me!

Anyway, add your best attempts in the comments.

12th Annual Winter Camping Symposium

The 12th Annual Winter Camping Symposium is now taking registrations. The purpose of the Winter Camping Symposium is to educate, collaborate and celebrate everything Winter! Winter campers and enthusiasts from around the region come together to share ideas and show off new creations which aid in the adventures of winter outdoor activities. From cold camping to hot camping, from kite sailing to building your own stove, from arctic adventures to sleeping in a quinsy in the backyard, from gear swaps to a chili feed, this event covers it all! Join us for a long weekend of camaraderie and exploration!

Go to wintercampingsymposium.com to learn more and register for this exciting event!

(Website to be updated w/ more highlights of the event as they are booked. Workshops on how to build your own winter gear as well as dog sledding to be added shortly!)

Two Winter Days in Duluth

Excited for Beargrease 2010?

Don’t forget to watch one of the Northland’s most amazing tributes to our cultural heritage (in my opinion, at least): The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon!

The “Meet the Mushers” event starts at noon, the race starts at 1 p.m. It is really a majestic sight. If you’ve never seen a sled dog race, I’d put it at the top of your to-do list for tomorrow!

Lake Park Soccer Complex
Jean Duluth Road & Riley Road
Duluth, MN

Today my boyfriend and I had our own sled dog adventure on the Munger Trail! Makes the winter more tolerable, that’s for sure.

Argos Pulls Galynn in the Otter Sled