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Winter Sports in Duluth, 1929

This brochure from 1929 highlights “Winter Sports in Duluth,” including the old toboggan chute at Chester Park, as seen on the cover.

There is no Poop Fairy PSA

You may have seen signs and literature around town encouraging pet owners to pick up after their pooches. Here’s a PSA for the campaign. Sponsored by Duluth Park and Recreation Department, along with the Regional Stormwater Protection Team.

With Jenna Kelly and Jody Kujawa, video by Danger Bird Productions

Looking for grant applicants

The Duluth Legacy Endowment Fund Committee is looking for grant applicants.

The Neighborhood Grant program awards grants up to $5,000 for projects and programs improving Duluth’s neighborhood parks and services. The deadline is April 1. Applications and other details are at

Please apply. Or please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested.

Help inform Duluth to improve city parks

Marketing students at the University of Minnesota Duluth are conducting a survey to achieve a better understanding of how city parks are being utilized. Responses are anonymous and shouldn’t take too long. Thank you for the participation!

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