Poop Posts

There is no Poop Fairy PSA

You may have seen signs and literature around town encouraging pet owners to pick up after their pooches. Here’s a PSA for the campaign. Sponsored by Duluth Park and Recreation Department, along with the Regional Stormwater Protection Team.

With Jenna Kelly and Jody Kujawa, video by Danger Bird Productions

Is this bear poop on my front lawn?


These droppings were six feet from my front door this morning on North 42nd Avenue West in West Duluth.

Do you need a bag for that?

My dog happens to be the least alpha dog there is. He barks rarely. In fact when I got him from Animal Allies I wondered if he had been de-barked because he didn’t bark for 3 days. This morning he barked at something out the front door window.

I went over to look, thinking it could be a delivery person or something. Turns out it is someone who let their dog poop in my front yard and then was walking away from it, not picking it up. I turned on my Minnesota, passive aggressive self, “Excuse me do you need a bag or shovel to help pick that up? I’ve got a trash can right here you can put it in.” (point to trowel and trashcan literally feet from where she is).

Reminder dog owners: pick it up. If you happen to come by my house, feel free to use the doggie trash can perched in the front yard. That’s what it is there for.