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The Life and Times of Ignatius Donnelly

Silver Brook Township’s Mike Scholtz has a new documentary, produced for the southwestern Minnesota Pioneer PBS series Postcards.

The subject is Ignatius Donnelly, an American congressman, populist writer and amateur scientist known for his writings about the lost continent of Atlantis. The story begins near the town of Donnelly, roughly 200 miles southwest of Duluth, and takes viewers on a wild ride exploring the amazing legacy of the man.

Duluth actor Jody Kujawa plays the role of Donnolly in reenactment scenes.


A short video by Justin Peck, starring Jody Kujawa, Jason Scorich and Peck.

There is no Poop Fairy PSA

You may have seen signs and literature around town encouraging pet owners to pick up after their pooches. Here’s a PSA for the campaign. Sponsored by Duluth Park and Recreation Department, along with the Regional Stormwater Protection Team.

With Jenna Kelly and Jody Kujawa, video by Danger Bird Productions

Dink Tank McCounaghey Camp Out

Thanks so much to everyone who donated!

Cars & Trucks goin’ all “Big Balls” all over your hipster asses


Cars & Trucks will be joining forces with jesse hoheisel and jody kujawa to bring you a night’s worth of bon scott-era AC/DC on the final night of the Ides of March festival.

Saturday, Mar. 14t
10 p.m.
All ages
Pizza Luce

We’ve been told Hot Rod and crew will be playing Michael Bolton’s “Time, Love and Tenderness” from beginning to end as well. The night should be a scorcher.