Is this bear poop on my front lawn?


These droppings were six feet from my front door this morning on North 42nd Avenue West in West Duluth.



about 9 years ago

I am not a scatalogic expert, but I have seen bear poop before and that definitely looks like bear poop.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

This website is turning to shit.

But seriously, yes, that is absolutely bear droppings. Watch your step.


about 9 years ago

Judging from the scat,  it is definitely not a cake-eating East Duluth bear.  Definitely a West Duluth bear.


about 9 years ago

I live on 42nd Avenue West and have been wondering why my dog has been going crazy the last couple of days. Mystery solved. Thanks PDD.


about 9 years ago

I didn't even know that Man vs. Wild was filming in Duluth.

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