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Independence of Duluth News Tribune Political Endorsements

The recent DNT endorsement of Chip Cravaack, a conservative Republican who enjoys a lot of Tea Party support, made me want to tap the PDD community for information and discussion of the DNT endorsements over the years. The Fargo-based, private company Forum Communications became owner of the DNT in 2006. Since then, the DNT and the many other Forum newspapers overwhelmingly tend to endorse conservatives and Republicans as a bloc.

Target Corp Gives $150,000 for Republican Tom Emmer

Some Minnesotans seem upset about Minneapolis-based Target giving money for Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for Minnesota Governor, as Target is usually not associated with conservative politics. Minnesota-based BestBuy also gave $100,000. National News has picked up the story.

Emmer supports Arizona’s controversial new immigration law that has St. Paul mayor’s office boycotting travel to Arizona. On MPR, Emmer said, “I think what Arizona has done is a wonderful first step.” Emmer then said that he hopes to model Minnesota law on Arizona immigration law.

Emmer also advocated lowering wages for Minnesota waiters, and said, “With the tips that they get to take home, there are some people earning over $100,000 a year.”

Emmer supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, which has many Minnesota gay rights groups upset.

The January 2010 Supreme Court decision overturned a century of law and now allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money for ads supporting candidates.

What do you think about Minnesota corporations being able to spend unlimited money on Minnesota elections?