Winter Posts

Winter Camping Symposium 2010

The 12th Annual Winter Camping Symposium is taking registrations. The purpose of the Winter Camping Symposium is to educate, collaborate and celebrate everything Winter!

Two Winter Days in Duluth

Question about icy intersection video

Can any one answer this?

Hello Carla,

We’re producing a television series for The Weather Channel called, “Weather Caught on Camera.” I’ve found this video on YouTube (see link below), which appears to have been filmed right near your cafe/restaurant – at the intersection of N. 19th Ave. E. & E. Eighth St. We’re very interested in licensing this video for use in our show, but first I have to track down who filmed it.

Duluth in Winter on a Fixie

This YouTube video has gotten a decent amount of traffic recently. Check out the icy hills of Duluth from the saddle of a fixed-gear bicycle.

Excited for Beargrease 2010?

Argos Pulls Galynn in the Otter Sled

Don’t forget to watch one of the Northland’s most amazing tributes to our cultural heritage (in my opinion, at least): The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon!

Minnesota Mama street-skating in Hibbing

Boxing Day 2009 Sledding Conditions: Horrible!

Today’s report is from Lincoln Park. It was well packed down yesterday, and frozen rock-hard today. So, the speed on the way down is totally out of control, and the ride is full of solid bumps that threaten to permanently damage one’s sphincter ani externus muscle.

Am I the only one …

… who spends most of the winter fighting the urge to sneak through parking lots, compulsively kicking ice chunks off of other people’s cars?

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