Sledding Duluth’s Avenues in 1921

One hundred years ago there were far fewer cars on Duluth’s streets, but it was still considered dangerous to sled down the city’s steep avenues. So Duluth Police Chief Warren E. Pugh surveyed the city and selected a few recommended avenues that posed “the least danger to life and limb,” according to the Duluth Herald of Nov. 22, 1921.

Noting that the city would assume no responsibility for accidents that might occur, Chief Pugh announced his police department would “attempt to educate drivers to exercise particular caution” at several western Duluth locations.

In the friendly West End, the recommended routes were:

  • 20th Avenue West from Fifth to Second Street
  • 24th Avenue West from 14th to to Fourth Street
  • 25th Avenue West from Eighth to Fourth Street
  • 27th Avenue West from Seventh to Fourth Street
  • Grand Forks Avenue from Sixth to Devonshire Street
  • Michigan Avenue from Exeter to Vernon Street

In West Duluth the recommended “coasting hills” were:

  • Central Avenue from the DM&N viaduct to Eighth Street
  • 59th Avenue West from Huntington Street to the DW&P viaduct
  • 43rd Avenue West from Eighth to Fourth Street

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