coming in august- Moon & Paper Hearts

i won’t get into the habit of posting these often but wanted to give folks an idea of what pictures we will be opening. i will continue to put together more trailers fer up & comin’ films at the temporary site,, until the official page is launched at

they have poured the concrete for the stadium seating and i think there is a wall going up!

Uses for the Honking Tree


Mayor Bolen of Two Harbors will be convening a public meeting tonight at 6 p.m. at the Two Harbor Community Center to discuss ideas for using the remains of the Honking Tree.


For Paul


I’ve got a 2-year-old with tweezers. He would be happy to pull any and all ticks from you, as soon as he finishes with his puppy.

PDD Sponsorship?

So, the word is that Movies in the Park is a little low on sponsors this year and I had the idea that maybe PerfectDuluthDay could take up a collection to help underwrite the series or, if we get $1000, even sponsor one of the movies. I, personally, would be willing to contribute as I think it’s a great thing for the community. So, my questions are:

1) Would other people be willing to cough up some dough?

2) Does someone have a good idea of how to collect said money in a safe way? Preferably on line with paypal or some such thing.

3) Would the PDD powers-that-be be willing to bless such a sponsorship?

4) If we do break the $1000 mark and can sponsor a night, which movie would we like to sponsor? We get a free week of on air publicity and can do some sort of hosting event that night before the movie.


Please, take my hostas…

hosta1 I have three dug-up clumps of hostas (still clumped in the dirt) and four not-dug-up-yet        clumps. Whoever wants them can take them. I will make you homemade Brownies if you dig up the not-dug-up-yet clumps. I hate them, but I don’t want to kill them so really, you’d be doing me and the plants a favor.

Upon Reflection

The best thing I witnessed today was a child in a big, green, probably homemade helmet shouting at his friends, “Hey! Somebody punch me!”

Beat that.

MNTV Short Film Competition – Win Cash!


DEADLINE:  June 11, 2009.

You made a short and WE WANT TO SEE IT!

MNTV is a festival of short films shown on Twin Cities Public Television, TPT. We are seeking films/videos that are 40 minutes or less, made by Minnesota residents. If your film is accepted, you win $500 – $1000! And there’s no entry fee.

For Guidelines and Application Form, go to Questions? Call Lu Lippold at 651-644-1912 x 106, [email protected].

Outdoor Movie Schedule Announced

From Twin Ports Nightlife:

2009 Movies In The Park Schedule

June 19th – Leatherheads (2008) – Rated PG-13

June 26th – Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (1989) – Rated PG-13

July 3rd – Superman (1978) – Rated PG

July 10th – Kung Fu Panda (2008) – Rated PG

July 17th – Men In Black (1997) – Rated PG-13

July 24th – Journey To The Center Of The Earth-3D (2008) – Rated PG

July 31st – Iron Man (2008) – Rated PG-13

August 7th – Sixteen Candles (1984) – Rated R (original) PG (on appeal)

August 14th – Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) – Rated PG

August 21st – Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King (2003) – Rated PG-13

August 28th – Madagascar (2005) – Rated PG

Dink Tank is holding Auditions

Local sketch comedy team DINK TANK will be holding auditions this Tuesday, May 12th at 7pm at the Teatro Zuccone, 222 East Superior St downtown.

They are looking to expand their team of writers and performers for their September and December shows. You won’t need to prepare anything, as they’ll be asking people to do cold readings from existing sketches.

Tooth Terror

scary toothAnyone have a suggestion for an oral surgeon for a squeamish, terrified patient with a screwed up wisdom tooth? I’m talking about a doc who is a pro with pain management, read: will knock my butt out and send me home with adequate pillage.

A & Dubs

I am new to Duluth and live over here in West End…My son and I are concerned about A&Dubs.  Does anyone know when it usually opens? Will it survive the new jr high school renovations?  I tried to call the number and it is disconnected.  I though maybe it opens like Memorial Day or something and folks who are more in the loop would just already know that.

How others see us


A travel article / narrative about Duluth was posted today on the Chicago Tribune website; it looks like it might be slated to run in Sunday’s paper.

The writer includes lots of local businesses and sights. There are some factual errors, but those aside it’s fun to see how others see us. Unfortunately, it appears there are no photos with the article (the picture with this post was taken by me from Enger Tower in late summer 2006).

‘Honking Tree’ on CBC Radio

The sad story of the “Honking Tree” got national media play in Canada last night on CBC Radio’s “As It Happens.” I’m not sure if the segment was included in the edited-down version of the show that airs on MPR.

The tree segment is a few minutes in; you have to wait through a couple of other segments.

Stop! Thief!


Obligatory first tick(s) of the season post

It’s official, yesterday was the Perfect Duluth Day. The ticks are out today. I plucked off my first one at 4:35 p.m. and the second at 4:37 p.m.

And yes, I do post on PDD about ticks pretty much every  spring. It’s what I do.

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