Nokomis in Wall Street Journal

Nokomis, the restaurant on the North Shore between the French and Knife rivers, gets play in the Wall Street Journal:

Dinner Deep in Walleye Territory

The premise of the piece? “There’s good eats in places other than New York and L.A.” What do we learn from it? “Walleye is a very big deal hereabouts.” In any case, congrats to Nokomis for the (IMO, deserved) recognition.



about 15 years ago

Yeah for flyover country!


about 15 years ago

Yeah the flyover country intro to the piece really grated on me, too.  It makes the person using it appear ignorant and out of touch, so it's one of those phrases that kind of flips itself around.


about 15 years ago

What's odd, though, is he identifies himself as having grown up in the Midwest. So he should know better.


about 15 years ago

Based on the article, I'm pretty certain Nokimis isn't the place I'm asking about -- but what's the place on Highway 61 that has a fish boil on Fridays? I think it's somewhere near there.


about 15 years ago

I think it's Emily's. We were just at New Scenic -- our meal was absolutely succulent! I've been to Nokomis a few times, it's always been hit or miss for me. When I'm paying $$$$, it'd better be fabulous.


about 15 years ago

Nokomis is my favorite restaurant in the area. Glad to see the pub.


about 15 years ago

I hope those who are content to be only in New York and California stay in New York and California. "I beg your pardon, this is my secret garden"


about 15 years ago

The Lighthouse (on Homestead - between the Scenic and Expressway) has fish boils - just went to a spectacular "special edition" boil there last Friday night. 
The Depot and Lighthouse are putting together a train ride and dinner at the restaurant. I joined the trial run and highly recommend it!


about 15 years ago

I've had the Nokomis walleye sandwich.  There's really nothing spectacular about it.  I'll try something else next time.  I don't recall there being the thai salmon burger on their menu -- as it is on the online one -- when we visited.  That sounds pretty good.


about 15 years ago

nakomas isnt that good....grand superior lodge has the best food on the shore


about 15 years ago


bar none.

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