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Share some art.

Announcing the 10″ project. My walls are bare and I don’t have enough interesting art to hang up. Help me decorate it with your prose/paintings/photos/digital art/fabric art/decoupage/ransom notes etc.

Don’t they ever stop migrating?

Shawn Nicholas made it as a featured image in today’s Gizmodo post about photo composites.

Scholastica alum Anna Gawboy lights the hell outta Yale

We rule the plastic people!

So your former geek royalty (King Neal and Queen Katie) now live in LA. Not together, but oddly enough only about a mile from each other (which when you realize how big this city is, that’s amazing). The question is, what should be our first order of geek? I’m leaning toward renaming Pasadena to Shatnerburgh.

Putting the BP F*ckup in perspective

What if it was in Lake Superior?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

This didn’t make a lot of news, and that’s a shame. Thanks Rep. Laine.

New Law Gives Minnesotans a Natural Choice for Care of Deceased

Saint Paul, Minnesota – Governor Pawlenty has signed into law changes that will give Minnesotans a more natural choice in how they care for their deceased loved ones. Under current law, a body must be embalmed if there is a public viewing, but State Rep. Carolyn Laine (DFL – Columbia Heights), who authored the bill, said this practice is largely unneeded. The new law permits dry ice to be used for public viewing of a deceased body within private property, such as a home, church or funeral parlor.

Sorry Duluth. This is better than a jump in the lake.

It’s a twister ma!

A tornado touched down a few times in Minneapolis. The Electric Fetus was hit.

We saw it coming from our work windows and headed to the basement. It touched down about five blocks from my theater.

Waiter? There’s a drink in my brain.

you have a new place to get your drink on when you visit the twin cities.

A legendary north Minneapolis dive bar has risen from the dead.

When one of the Twin Cities’ most notorious bars, Stand Up Frank’s, closed earlier this year, I wouldn’t have believed in a million years it would be reopened and reimagined as something called Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den. Real zombies could dig themselves out of the ground and eat my brains before that would happen, because that would be crazy. Read the rest.

Road tripping this summer?

Why not take a tour of some of the weirdest and most fascinating places out there? A recently started website, Atlas Obscura, is collecting and mapping the weird and wonderful places in the world. MN only has a few so far. I’m a fan of Weird WI but I really like that this is a ongoing wiki to collect the odd and unusual places of the world.  I’m guessing that PDD folks know of all the best places here in MN and WI so add some stuff.  Then when the kids ask “Are we going to Valley Fair?” you can tell them “No, even better.  We’re headed to Dutch Corners Phillips, WI to see Fred Smith’s Wisconsin Concrete Park.”

So which state has the weirdest stuff? MN or WI? I’m leaning toward WI.

For the Little People: The mysterious miniature village on Madeline Island

I used to always hear stories about a mysterious fairy village on Madeline Island. Supposedly someone built an entire little village out in the woods somewhere. Every time I’m on the island, I bike down a fire lane or back road I’ve never been on before hoping to take a peek, but I’ve never found it.

Has anyone actually seen it and can attest to its existence?

live among duluth’s greatest expats

So you’re thinking of moving to the Twin Cities. Duluth is home, but you have to trek south for a year. Perhaps it’s for a job, or the love of your life, or you just want to be closer to the Sonic that opened up last year. Whatever your reason, I have a deal for you. Move into the Carleton Artist Lofts and the month of May is rent free.

I know, you’re thinking “What the Gary Doty does this have to do with Duluth?” Well these particular artist lofts are also home to one Dr. Thunder (aka Erik Pearson) and Crystal Meisinger. How could you not want to live alongside these giants among men?

Here’s the linky linky for info. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/apa/1116070157.html

Chris Monroe on National TV

OK, well, I am too, but if you’ll notice around the 50-second mark (and many other times) you should see a Monroe print in the background. So when you mention her name, be sure to say “Chris Monroe, an artist who’s work was featured on national television” …  although I’m sure her work has appeared on TV many a time.

Geeks on HGTV

(And why can’t I embed Facebook videos?)