Chris Monroe on National TV

OK, well, I am too, but if you’ll notice around the 50-second mark (and many other times) you should see a Monroe print in the background. So when you mention her name, be sure to say “Chris Monroe, an artist who’s work was featured on national television” …  although I’m sure her work has appeared on TV many a time.

Geeks on HGTV

(And why can’t I embed Facebook videos?)



about 14 years ago

Chris M you totally rock! I look forward to seeing you on oprah someday!


about 14 years ago

Yay Neal!  Nice piece and I love what they did with your place.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Enealio, you did tell the HGTV folks they have to take care of the new King Geek each year, right? Ironic1 is up next. It's only fair.

dr thunder

about 14 years ago

What a great place you live in! There must be some really cool artists who live there...ya in the "C" building...5th floor...alright, alright, I'm talking about Kevin. Speaking of which, do you often stand next to him when he's throwing pots?
Anyway...I'm wondering if you kept everything set up the same way they designed it.


about 14 years ago

there is some lame artist in building c.  don't know his name.  short bald guy.

we kept most if it the same until about a month ago.  this was done in january 08.

the first thing that went was that splatter paint rug.  a piece of canvas does NOT work for a rug. that lasted one day.  next to come down were those splatterpaint wall hangings.  the bar remained though and we hung some vintage fabric on it.  otherwise everything pretty much remained as they did it.


about 14 years ago

I was wondering about that rug. It looked like a dropcloth. That clamp-and-bar thing was pretty cool, though.

dr thunder

about 14 years ago

Yeah, I was also wondering about the rug and the hangings. I do, however, like to watch people try to Pollock-up things to make 'em artsy, it doesn't make my skin itch at all. The bar is a very good idea, if you have the timbers.

I have to go now, that short, bald lame-o is making me tired.


about 14 years ago

The clamp and bar thing would work great at the Gay Frame.

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