We’re looking to partner with local landlords who own apt. buildings

We’re looking for landlords in Duluth who want to partner with our group that provides on-site mental health services.

Our model is that we provide on-site services within a particular building. We provide a variety of mental health services and are available beyond typical working hours. For example, we may be willing to rent an office in the apt. building- providing staff up to 24/7.

Yes, there are other programs out there. HDC provides outreach, case management. Also there are the HRA programs that provide Sec. 8, Bridges and Shelter Plus vouchers. Our model is something different that taps into additional funding streams and which allows us to be more on-site and responsive to people’s needs.

If anyone knows of landlords out there that own an apt. building and who may be interested in hearing how this program can help them I’d love to talk to them.

We want to get people the help they can use while also partnering with landlords to address the challenges that sometimes come with renting to individuals who need additional supports to live well in the community.

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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