Duluth on Google StreetView?

Duluth on Google Street View



about 15 years ago

Looks 'shopped.


about 15 years ago

Nope, it's real, though limited.  Here's a link: http://is.gd/nhGl

Bad Cat!

about 15 years ago

It looks like they started their trip in the Dee Independant Cleaners parking lot (and smooshed a white car while they were there): link


about 15 years ago

My dream job...


about 15 years ago

i saw Google's prius' driving around last summer.


about 15 years ago

aw, they picked a bad day to drive over the bridge. all foggy.

and really? hwy 35 in WI is street viewed all the way to danbury? is that necessary?


about 15 years ago

In addition to the extremely scenic Hwy. 35, they also "street-viewed" the incredible vistas of Hwy. 2 from Floodwood to Grand Rapids.

It's like they picked the two most bland stretches of road in the region for their big push into the Duluth market.

Pear Head

about 15 years ago

Most of this has been up for quite some time now (6 months?) although I hadn't noticed the Hwy 2 stuff until today.  I also saw their car driving around last year...  I'm guessing that maybe more will be put online in the relatively near future...?


about 15 years ago

The Duluth Street view has been up for quite some time now.  And yes, Google has incredibly long sections of highway available in street view all over the country.

Pear Head

about 15 years ago

There is a lot more imagery available now than there was 3 days ago when I looked.  Heck, even my driveway north of Fish Lake is on now (although the house numbering is off - they have my address about a 1/4 mile down the road)!

I'm guessing there's still a lot to come though - I saw their car on Skyline at 24th Ave W, but the imagery isn't online for that yet.

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