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After 20 years …

Lake Superior Brewing Tap Room Grand Opening

Go see my friends at Lake Superior Brewing this weekend. As part of their 20th anniversary celebration, they have finally opened up a Tap Room at their West End location (corner of Superior Street and 27th Avenue West, behind Subway).

Free Sign!

I will produce and ship this sign to anyone who would like to stand next to Mr. Jankowski in Bentleyville and exercise their First Amendment rights. The sign is approximately 2′ x 3′, printed on corrugated plastic, two sided, with arrows pointing in both directions for your convenience.

Another Geek Prom rip-off?

[This post originally linked to, which is no longer a functioning URL.]

Duluth not romantic, says FourSquare

Um, I’m sorry … what?!?

Strib article here: “Foursquare: Romance is gone in Duluth”

Angry Haiku

Ya welcome.

Lake Superior Brewing on Facebook

LSB Rejected Advertising

There for the liking at

Bullsh*t Alert!

“Duluth” Trading Company opens its first retail store. Where, you ask? Mount Horeb, Wis., naturally.

Wisconsin State Journal: Remodeling starts for Duluth Trading’s first retail store in Mount Horeb

Maria Bamford reads Perfect Duluth Day

Mpls/St.Paul magazine, Feb 2010

Mpls/St.Paul magazine, Feb 2010

Geek Prom rip off or homage?

“First ever Geek Prom set for Tango’s Ballroom”

PDD is a “harsh online critic of the mainstream Duluth News Tribune.”

Who knew!?!

Marty McFly’s house

The real McFly house used for exterior shots in Back to the Future.

The real "McFly" house used for exterior shots in Back to the Future. Click for Google maps link.

So you think you’re a geek??

*MAD* bonus points who can tell me what “GNDN” stands for. No Googling!!

TNG switch plate covers

TNG switch plate covers

Yet another loss for the community

The DNT Attic is closed

I don’t know about you all, but this is something that I came to really enjoy. I looked forward to new posts about old things all the time. I learned more about Duluth’s history through this blog than I ever did in school or by talking with the “old timers.”

Andrew was laid off on Friday. Very sad.

Duluth on Google StreetView?

Duluth on Google Street View