So you think you’re a geek??

*MAD* bonus points who can tell me what “GNDN” stands for. No Googling!!

TNG switch plate covers

TNG switch plate covers



about 15 years ago

the holodeck?


about 15 years ago

"Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing."

I picked up that fact from an old book when I was a kid that explained everything about the Enterprise in TNG.


about 15 years ago

That "old book" to which you're referring is the venerable Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, (read: Geek Bible) and I would appreciate you showing some respect.

Still, mad bonus points you get...


about 15 years ago

Actually, the original set designer for the Original Series stenciled the pipes that run in the service areas GNDN-XXX and that was what it meant, "Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing".  The TNG people just continued it.  When DS9 filmed "Trials and Tribblations" they bought the set designer from TOS in to show him the sets and one of the first things he commented on was how they used the same wording.

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