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When the geeks inherited the Earth

Ten years ago today the fourth iteration of Geek Prom was held at Pizza Lucé. The G4 cable network sent the Attack of the Show crew to Duluth to capture all the excitement.

Geek Prom on hiatus


Note to fellow nerdwads:

We have reached an era of unprecedented technological advancement and far-reaching anti-bullying campaigns. The mission of Geek Prom is complete. The prom committee is disbanding.

We now enter a state of complacency, no longer planning our defenses against the hideous Fleckuloids of the Mineculon, though remains in tact should we need to summon our forces due to reemerging threats.

May you all live long and prosper, be you dill-weeds, spazzes, dorks, doofuses, dweebs, Einsteins, pizza faces, brainiacs, space cadets, mathletes, meteorologists, gamers, Trekkies, disc jockeys, zeros, gaywads, hobbyists, greenies, weaklings or any other form of misfit.

Video Archive: How many geeks can you fit into a Kia Rio?

The third iteration of Geek Prom was held in 2004 at the Great Lakes Aquarium. As a publicity stunt, the prom committee decided to find out how many geeks could be crammed into a Kia Rio. Answer: 21. The more important question, however, was: Would the sight of it make WDIO-TV Eyewitness News anchor Dennis Anderson lose his composure? Answer: Yes.

Video Archive: 2003 Geek Fashions

One week prior to the Hospital People morning-show spazzing, there was a brief fashion show on NewsChannel 3 This Morning to highlight what some of the uncool kids would be wearing to Geek Prom. Set the Wayback Machine to Spring 2003.

By the way, morning-show host Scott McLinden is in Texoma, Texas, these days, anchoring News 12 at Nine on FOX 12. (I can’t remember the name of the co-host in this clip). Geek Prom MC Jonathan Lee is at the desk with them. Fashion models are Scott Lunt, Amy Abts, yours truly Paul Lundgren, Michelle Rowley and August Rowley.

Video Archive: The Hospital People

This recently unearthed clip from KDLH-TV’s Newschannel 3 This Morning, features the Hospital People performing the song “Crash” in support of their April 2003 Geek Prom gig at the NorShor Threatre.

There is nothing quite like rawking and spaz dancing at 6 a.m. Maybe that’s why the video is so faded.

Geek Prom 2013: Talk Nerdy to Me

Geek Prom 2013

[Some images in the slideshow are by Shannon Kinley; others were gathered from Geek Prom’s Facebook group page.]

This past Saturday, April 6, adults were given the chance to blast into their pasts and attend prom. This was no regular prom though. Instead of people being dressed up in expensive gowns and tuxes they got to wear costumes such as Han Solo, Princess Leia or Dr. Zoidberg.

Talk nerdier than that, please.

At Nerd Nite the hosts showed the Geek Prom poster on the PowerPoint screen and asked the crowd what was being parodied. For a group that doesn’t miss a reference very often, the audience was actually stumped for a few seconds and I swear I heard a few crickets before someone finally muttered “Talk dirty to me?”

Perhaps the creative arrow missed the target market on this one. Maybe the prom committee will stick to Star Wars references from now on and leave Poison out of it.

Another Geek Prom rip-off?

[This post originally linked to, which is no longer a functioning URL.]

Geek Prom ’02: A lil’ documentary

The first Geek Prom was held April 13, 2002. Enjoy the video memories, my fellow nerdwads.

A Nerd Nite Boss’ Guide to Duluth

Beloved Duluth nerd Crystal Pelkey has an article in the debut issue of Nerd Nite magazine profiling the nerdiness of Duluth. The nationwide magazine is published out of Brooklyn, NY.

Clean Your Closet and Help a Geek Girl

For those of you who weren’t at the last Geek Prom, I was the perpetrator of perhaps the first Geek Prom marriage proposal ever (at least that I am aware of). Adam, Crystal, & Paul were awesome enough to help me with a geeky engagement, I’m hoping that the PDD community will be awesome enough to help me create a geeky wedding.

So geeky … yet so cool.

One day, Duluth’s Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker of Low are at Geek Prom; four days later they are doing about the coolest thing imaginable, hanging out with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. Perhaps the line between geeky and cool has now been blurred beyond all recognition.

Geek Prom is Saturday? Oh my goodness, whatever shall I wear?

If you’re all out of skin-tight superhero outfits and Star Wars paraphernalia, the folks at Geek Prom always say “whatever your mom lays out for you will be fine.”

But if you’re looking for a snappy new dress or a stylish Cardigan sweater, the fine folks at Ragstock are ready to sort you out.

It’s Geek Week!

Geek Prom is Saturday. Put your hands in the air!

Geek Prom 2011 – These are the droids you’re looking for

Geek Prom Poster

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