Video Archive: 2003 Geek Fashions

One week prior to the Hospital People morning-show spazzing, there was a brief fashion show on NewsChannel 3 This Morning to highlight what some of the uncool kids would be wearing to Geek Prom. Set the Wayback Machine to Spring 2003.

By the way, morning-show host Scott McLinden is in Texoma, Texas, these days, anchoring News 12 at Nine on FOX 12. (I can’t remember the name of the co-host in this clip). Geek Prom MC Jonathan Lee is at the desk with them. Fashion models are Scott Lunt, Amy Abts, yours truly Paul Lundgren, Michelle Rowley and August Rowley.



about 11 years ago

Her name was Bisi Onile-Ere. She and Scott were perfect together, mostly because she was so proper and because he worked so hard to get her to be real. She rarely did much more than smile but I often laughed until I cried. I still miss them. 

And it looks like she's a general assignment reporter now for WDIV-TV, an NBC-affiliated television station out of Detroit, Michigan.


about 11 years ago

Cute, cheeky video - Gluedictions are so 2003


about 11 years ago

I used to love watching Scott McLinden.  He was a total smart ass.

August's Batman outfit is excellent.  But what he really needed was a Batmobile circa 1972, such as was featured in my Aunt Lynn's back yard in Omaha.  It was totally great, you could ride around in it, AND it had a TRUNK THAT REALLY OPENED, and this is where you could store your Batcape!!!!!!!!!

My God, how I loved that Batmobile.

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